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I am in an Olympic sort of mood. The opening ceremony blew our minds away and we are going to see the athletics on Friday, fencing on Saturday and beach volleyball on Monday. I can’t wait! My husband got the wrong tickets for beach volley and we are seeing the men. YAY! My daughters are obviously delighted…My husband, well…, less so.
What gets me, though, is the condescending coverage of the London Olympic Games.
It started with Mitt Romney’s visit to London. He criticised London’s organisation of all the events, saying that “it is hard to tell just how well it will turn out”. He also questioned whether the British people would support the Games. It is fair to say that the comments stunned the Brits and earned Mitt Romney the nickname “Mitt The Twit”.  The French media were also fast to criticise the so-called ” British materialism”, writing that, in order enter the Olympic Park, you had to walk through a commercial centre, which is simply inaccurate…Why am I not surprised?
And it looks like the tide will not be turning any time soon: right now, there is a big scandal about all the empty seats that can be seen on TV. History keeps repeating itself: I remember seeing the same headlines for the Beijing games, 4 years ago. There also seems to be allegations of doping. The Chinese delegation were prompt to answer back and accuse the Americans. Lovely. I might be becoming British here, but I think that if you suspect something like that, you have a follow the adequate process: the athletes are innocent until proven guilty and you need to voice your concerns to the proper Olympic channels, not the media.
But anyway, my question is : why do some always stay locked in their condescension bubble? Why do they feel the urge to score points and put the others down? Why can’t they accept that there is a lot to love in the Olympic spirit and even if things will never be perfect, what is wrong with a little enthusiasm ? If even an old cynical like me can be moved by the Olympics, why can’t they?
I find the Olympic experience very humbling: there were more than 200 delegations. To me, this proves that there are many different ways to become a champion.
And what’s not to love about this? So please, show a little enthusiasm and pop the condescension bubble!
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