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Coming back from Dubai, I was suffering from post holiday blues. There was just one thing for it: a Bollywood movie. So I decided to open the other movie sent by my Indian friend Nisha and we watched it.

This time it was “Lagaan”. The story is about a village of farmers in India during the Victorian period. In order not to pay the ever-increasing taxes imposed by the British, they need to win a cricket game against the British officers. Oh, and they don’t know a thing about cricket.

Watching Amir Khaan makes for great entertainment, but I couldn’t help feeling a bit sad for the British officer’s sister, Elizabeth, who helped the Indian team to achieve victory only to be left broken-hearted.
My younger daughter was absolutely mesmerized while watching the movie. You see, she loves cricket and she now wants to watch the movie again. All 224 minutes of it. I need to speed up her British citizenship application process. She is not French any longer!
As for me, I need to come clean. I will probably get a British passport this year but, you see, I don’t get cricket. I hope that they don’t retain the passport because I have just told you this!
Let me explain: first of all, I never understood the rules. When does the match start? When does it finish? I have absolutely no idea. Then again, it doesn’t really matter because the whole thing can last up to three days. Three days! And it is all about sending and catching a ball with a bat. Actually, my knowledge is limited to the fact that there is some batting and bowling involved. No contact. No fights. Apparently, there are good chances for you to be having a cup of tea while the only action of the day is happening. Maybe cricket is just an excuse to drink and socialise? I am also told that the cricket players have a lot of success with women. I wonder what that is. You don’t see a thing about them (Look at the picture!). Well, simply put, it doesn’t do it for me.

I much prefer rugby. I love watching the players and their strong bodies (OK, and especially their muscular rears, I admit it). They fight, they sweat and the game is full of testosterone. Rugby is a contact game and I totally get it. I understand what tries and penalties are about, and also that a converted try can worth seven points. And even when I don’t get all the rules, I enjoy watching the players. To me, the rugby player is the epitome of manhood: he can fight and get dirty but he has to follow some rules– he is not someone you want to challenge. What is not to love about them?
So, where does this leave me? Am I normal? I sometimes wonder…

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London

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Jumping into 2012 (Dubai’s desert)

I have a lot to be thankful for. I started this blog as a new year’s resolution and for once I kept it! This is actually unheard of- I have never managed to keep a new year’s resolution before. Have you?
Thank you to all my readers for being so supportive, thank you for all the comments, interactions, and all the good posts that I have read…I honestly didn’t anticipate this blog to reach beyond my (small) circle of friends and acquaintances.
So, what will 2012 bring us? I have to admit that I don’t know. But for once, I am happy with my new life, happy to have left the Corporate life and not too worried about my French accent. What I want, maybe, is to travel more and write more…

I do hope that we will continue the journey together. Thanks again!

Oh, and if you vote for me here I will love you forever !
Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London