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A plaid from India

This week, my children will start school again. Where has this summer gone? We are back to the old routine and I have mixed feelings about it. We had to buy new school’s clothes because the old ones didn’t fit any more. This means that I am spending what seems to be an eternity sewing the labels with their names on the new clothes. And you have to put the labels at the right places, otherwise you will get a comment and you will have to do it all over again, As a mum, you have to be a taxi driver, a chef, a personal trainer and a seamstress too. It just never stops.

To make matters even worse, I went back on my scale and didn’t like what it was telling me. I need to go back to the gym in a big way. I used to be able to eat what I want. Well, not any more. Growing older sucks.
In fact, I need a holiday on my own. You know, I feel like I need to drop work, kids and family for at least 6 weeks and go somewhere fabulous, such as India, Wyoming or Indonesia (the first three that came to my mind). I would only take care of myself, write, eat and sleep. Finding the time to exercise and lose weight would be easy with only me to take care of. I would do yoga and meditate. I would write. It would be me and me. Lovely. In fact, I am not sure that I would go back.
If only it were possible! Instead, I am thinking of exercising every day at 6 am because I badly need it and I don’t want to let myself become too fat. I feel like I am grounded. Not to mention that I need to be careful about what I eat for at least a month. It feels like boot camp. And I need to go back to Bikram yoga.
It just never stops. A woman has got to do what a woman has got to do. To make matters even worse, I will have to make it look like it is easy. Ah, the things a girl has to do…
On this note, I hope that you enjoyed your holidays. Please tell me that I am not the only one suffering from pre-school blues. Now, off to work.
Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London