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Whatever your nationality, some things never change. Planes are always late. Always. Today is no exception. I am in Nice, and we are supposed to go back to London tonight. But we don’t know when we will board. The screen just says ‘Delayed’. It doesn’t look good. Writing a post might help. So here I am.

We haven’t had another lame excuse as to what has caused the delay. The other day, my Eurostar service was late ‘because of the late arrival of the train from Paris’. That’s helpful, isn’t it? It sounds a bit like ‘I am late because I didn’t wake up this morning’. How about waking up earlier?

I wonder what tonight’s excuse will be. Let’s take a guess: ‘late arrival of the plane’ . How original! Maybe I should trademark this one, because it is very similar to the one I had on Eurostar. I would probably make a fortune. Come to think of it, it sounds a bit like a tautology, right? I am late because, well, I arrived late. Or maybe this time, the excuse will be: ‘Bad weather in London’. The weather is never that great in London, right? Except last summer. We had a fantastic summer. That said, I should be greatful that it doesn’t snow there, because otherwise we wouldn’t stand a chance to catch our plane. London is blocked when it threatens to snow. Completely paralysed. I once managed to take the girls to school but it was closed because it might have snowed during the day. We had to go back home.

The best excuse I had once was in France ‘the train will not depart because the driver decided to strike’. How very French. Another time, they told us that there was a ‘mechanical issue on the plane’. I wasn’t too reassured. I am still grateful that we eventually arrived. I also remember that once, two passengers were fighting and had to be disembarked, delaying everybody. They said there was a ‘passenger incident’. How very nicely put.

Why is it so important for transport companies to give us a reason for the delay? Right now, I just want to know when we will be able to board. I don’t really have time for silly excuses. Actually, I do have a lot of time, but frankly, I am not interested. I also wonder whether companies have a ready-made list of acceptable excuses and pick one randomly. So, what is it going to be today? How about air control restrictions? Or shall we stick to the good old ‘late arrival’ one? How about something a bit more fruity ‘well, we are late because the pilot was having some quality time with the stewardess in the cockpit and the door ended up being blocked’? At least it would be more fun. Oh, and I almost forgot: once, we couldn’t take off because no toilet was working in the cabin. I kid you not. Just imagine the smell. They need to strike it off the excuse list.

Aha! There are some news. My plane should take off 50 mins late. They haven’t given us any excuses, and I prefer it this way. I hope we will make it. Because the problem with planes is that they keep being later and later. It is going to be a long night…
Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London

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An Intricate Network Of Lies…
I can’t believe that it is already 2014. I wish all my readers a great year, and I would like to thank you all for your continuous support. It means a lot to me, and thanks to you some great things are starting to happen to me. I haven’t made any new year’s resolutions…I am just too old for resolutions, and I never stick to them anyway. I just have a wish for 2014: I wish that we were all more honest, more direct, and less politically correct. Come on, wouldn’t it be great? 

Just imagine: my home country is in denial….Growth is starting to arrive in the UK, but France is still lagging behind, hindered by lots of structural issues that are simply not being dealt with. This was reflected in Standard and Poor’s credit rating cuts at the start of November. Unemployment keeps rising (10.5% of the population according to the latest figures, an increase of 0.6% compared to last year), and the government’s only response seems to raise yet again already punitive taxes. Despite an increased life expectancy, the French president cut retirement age last year. In the meantime, the state sector keeps growing, and much-needed reforms to make it more competitive have yet to be implemented. In short, billions are wasted every year, and nobody bats an eyelid. I would love someone to say: ‘hey guys, wake up and smell the coffee’. Nobody has done it just yet…

As for Great Britain, right now the newspapers are all about the so-called Romanian invasion, because some work restrictions have been lifted for a few Eastern European countries. Give me a break! On a similar note, I was walking close to the Lithuanian embassy, in Pimlico, the other day, with an American friend of mine. There was a long queue outside. Despite being an educated lady, she started a racist rant about the fact that ‘these people’ -i.e. the Eastern Europeans- had more rights than her in the European Union in general, and in the UK in particular. What a shame it was- she said. I couldn’t believe it. Isn’t America a land of immigrants? I didn’t say anything. Maybe I should have. After all, I am one of ‘these people’ -an immigrant- too. And it didn’t prevent me from becoming British eventually. I pay my taxes, I work, just like everybody else. Chances are, we all have at least one ancestor who was an immigrant. Nothing to be afraid of. We didn’t steal anything. We just came to make a living. And we are here legally. I wish I had said this to her. I didn’t.

That said, maybe all truths are not to be told. I wanted to say ‘I don’t want to see you any more because I think that you are a twat,’ ! But surely I can’t say this. So instead I made my goodbyes and left. It made me realise that the number of little white lies I have to say is simply huge. But how can I be more honest without being too hurtful? I really wonder.  I need to keep trying. How do you say such things?

I suppose that I will just have to keep trying, right? So, after all, here is my new year’s resolution: to say what I think a bit more, or a bit louder. To be more, well, French…How about you: what is your resolution? When was the last time you lied?
Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London