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Picture By Alejandra Moral, hair & make-up by Anastasia Parquet
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Have you noticed that, the older you get, the more you are judged? Especially when you are a woman, people feel entitled to have an opinion on how you live your life, how you are bringing up your children, why you should have kids if you don’t have any, why you should be married/single/divorced, and so on, and so forth. It just never stops. And, if you ask me, it is even worse when you are French. We French judge each other all the time. I remember a British colleague visiting us in Paris. She always had perfectly manicured nails. One of the assistants said, behind her back of course: well, she clearly has too much time on her hands (pun intended).

Well, enough is enough, I say.
I might be 42 but the sky is the limit. The thing is, I have never felt better. As a result, I have decided to do things that I have never done before. So here it is: I have decided to do a photoshoot revealing my sexy side. Something tasteful of course, because we French like to suggest rather than show. I think that it is a lot more powerful. Sorry, guys.
Alejandra is photographed by Christa Meola

Meet Alejandra Moral. She is a Spanish photographer living in Germany. She yearns to reveal the beauty of women, no matter what colour, age or shape. And she excels at it, doesn’t it? I think that it is the start of something big. A revolution. It is called #MySexySide. Alejandra travels around Europe to take pictures of women. This means that you can even host #MySexySide in your city. I love the concept.
We met at a small flat in Barnes. I had had too many coffees. You see, I was nervous. I had never done such a photoshoot before. The lovely Anastasia Parquet did my hair and my make-up. She told me off because my skin was so dry. Once she was done, I felt different. To be fair, I was. And it showed on the first picture.
There is more to come. A lot more, in fact…

So what do you think? Do you recognise me?
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