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I think that 2016 will be the year of the comebacks. Why? Well, for starters I was pleased to read that the classic shirt is coming back with a vengeance. See here if you don’t believe me:

You see, I love shirts. Especially white ones, come to think of it. Always have. Always will. A white shirt is simply a must-have in any women’s wardrobe, isn’t it? A white shirt makes you look -and feel- cIean and crisp.

As you know, I am always being asked for some tricks to look and feel more French. I am afraid that this year is no exception. I was asked how to look more French no later than yesterday after my run (all sweaty and stuff. Can you believe it?). I will never understand such an obsession for anything French but hey, as I am polite, I am always happy to oblige. It must be my British side taking over…What can I say? More than a decade in London was bound to leave a mark.

Come to think of it, nothing, absolutely nothing could have prepared me for such an obsession for ‘the French’. I suppose that you have to live outside of France to start grasping its full extent. My French friends and family don’t believe it when I try to explain to them the reputation we have. They think that I am kidding. If only!


Anyway, once again I digress. It is true that the white shirt, preferably oversized, is one of the must-haves of any French woman. It is part of our basic pieces, if you must know. Personally, I love it. I could live in a white shirt all year long. I can’t stop buying white shirts. They simply go with everything, be it skinny jeans, or something more formal like a black pair of trousers or a pencil shirt. You simply can’t go wrong with a white shirt. You can wear it the minimalist way or accessorise it with lots of bracelets and necklaces.

In short, whatever your fashion tribe, a white shirt will make you look fresh and clean and possibly a bit more French. And I am incredibly happy that the shirt is making a comeback. Fashion is finally coming back to its senses.

So what if 2016 was going to be the year of the comebacks? After all, Point Break will be released in February (I grew up with this movie. Come on, you’ve got to love Keanu Reeves). That would be something to look forward to, wouldn’t it?