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It’s this time of the year I suppose. But fear not: I will not patronise anyone (I am too old for that anyway). I just wanted to share with you my New Year’s resolutions. As I never keep them, I thought that I should make a lot of them -some big, some small- to make sure that I keep at least some of them. That’s just me: I always have a fallback plan. At my ripe age, you have to be pragmatic, right?

The problem is that we often only follow through with good intentions for a week or so. The more strong-minded among us may last a month, but sooner or later we all end up falling back into the same old ways which we tried so hard to change. (Let’s come clean: when I say ‘we’, I mean, well, ‘me’).

Why does this happen? And how can we improve our goal-setting strategies?

I have read somewhere that often our goals transform into failures because they’re not solid enough to maintain our motivation, or because they’re perhaps too hard to reach. According to psychologists, if we want to welcome a change and make New Year’s resolutions for real, we must use a strategy called SMART Goals, which outlines the criteria of successful goal-setting (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, relevant, Timely). Seriously? Again, fear not: I won’t bore you with this corporate BS (Excuse my French). Again, been there, done it, and I am sick and tired of having to agree with Powerpoint slides and so-called experts anyway. I have pretended to do so for far too long. My new mantra is more real life, less theory. Call it MindLessNess if you want. I have just made it up as well. I think I am on to something…

This year, I am following a strategy called MoMe. It stands for More Me. I have just made it up. So what does it entail:

  • More fun
  • No diets
  • Stop caring about my scale
  • More alcohol (when needed. Come to think of it, when I feel like it too). I have been far too reasonable anyway and a cocktail never fails to lift my mood. It’s time to live a bit more
  • More chocolate (the good one, obviously)
  • Less excuses and more running races (This will require careful planning with other New Year’s resolution as, for instance, booze cuts my legs. The good news is that, at my age, I can manage complex situations. So bring it on, 2018).
  • Try longer races (watch this space, I have a few on the radar)
  • No skipping strength work sessions (runners will understand). Well, not too often.
  • Not starting Too Fast In A Race (guilty as charged. And I pay dearly for it. Every time)
  • Say ‘No’ more often
  • Say F***k off more often
  • Stop thinking I can please everyone
  • Stop caring about other people’s opinion
  • More time at the spa. At my age I need to upgrade my maintenance regime anyway.
  • Get the children to be more independent. Time for them to learn how to cook, clean and do the dishes for instance. They will thank me later.
  • Wear mini-skirts. Steal from teenage daughter if need be. She’s got far too many of them anyway. It’s payback time.
  • More sun
  • More blue skies
  • More tropical weather
  • More beach
  • Give a piece of my mind to old dinosaurs, machos, sexists & toxic people. Time for them to have a long careful look at themselves in the mirror.
  • Finish my book (almost there)

I think it will be a good year…What do you think?