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A new step in my blogging journey: today my friend and fellow blogger Samantha Bangayan has posted an interview of me here.

She is a very talented writer and you can read her blog here.

A big thank you to Sam and all my readers!

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • THOROUGHLY enjoyed the interview Mumu and learned so much more about you! I found it tastefully done and very informative. Great job!

  • A great insight into the unique person who is MuMu. A person who is open, curious, embraces difference and is constantly challenging herself. May she never lose the light!

  • @Elizabeth – Thanks for your kind words and your support since the very start of this blog!
    @ dc – Thank you thank you. I am blushing now… I am indeed very grateful for your support since the very start!

  • Loved the interview Muriel. Great job by both of you!

  • Really enjoyed reading this, Muriel. I am in awe of your academic/professional accomplishments, as well as your amazing command of the English language. And now I understand why Bali is so important!