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Storm In New York

It was raining in New York yesterday. Don’t get me wrong: it was not like the rain in London. It was warm and it looked more like some tropical downpour. Nothing to do with the British drizzle.

It was the perfect excuse to do even more shopping.
That said, in the afternoon, there were some power cuts in Manhattan. Apparently Wall Street had to close the Nasdaq for a couple of hours because of this. Not that I suffered from it.
Anyway, I decided to spend a couple of hours indoors to write. My next door neighbours, probably already home because of the power cuts, decided to make out loudly. Nightmare.
I decided to go somewhere else (anywhere else really) but I had to wait a long time to get a lift -probably because of the power cuts.  The noise in the corridor was even louder than in my bedroom. Lovely.

Anyway, I managed to come back after a lovely cappuccino at my now local Starbucks. I found out that, in New York, people talk to each other, which feels nice, and sometimes a bit weird. I might be becoming a snotty Londoner, after all.  
Today the sun is shining and we are going to enjoy Central Park. I bumped into my neighbour and am surprised she could even walk. I think that maternity units in NYC will be incredibly busy in 9 months.
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