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Do you know the sinking feeling that you have when something good is ending? Well, that’s what I am going through. The summer is finished, and my daughters are going back to school. But all is not doom and gloom. This morning, while walking back home, I met a Greek  Goddess. Yes, honestly. She was standing in front of the Chelsea college of art. She was gorgeous. Actually, she was more majestic than gorgeous.

Meet the “Big Woman”. Don’t ask me why, but I instantly knew that she was a woman (Come on, it is obvious, isn’t it?). She doesn’t seem to have any arms and she is definitively not skinny. But there is something in the way she is standing that reminds me of a Greek statue. She simply has a strong presence.
She was lovingly being prepared by young Dutch artist, Maarten van den Bos and I forgot my French accent and my usual shyness to have a quick word with him.

He is a Master student at the Chelsea college of Art. The Greek Goddess is made of plaster, and he was trying to coat her to prevent her from melting. Wise precaution, As the Bank holiday weekend has been a wash-out, I am sure that the Greek Goddess will need to use all her divine powers to stand all week long!
There is something universal about this sculpture, something that I needed at the start of a gloomy week. I can’t put my finger on it, but it is at the same time uplifting, human and also extraordinary.
I thought that I was becoming cynical. It has been a long time since I have been moved by a piece of art. But miracles do happen, after all. It is the small things that matter, isn’t it? And the Greek goddess has made my day!

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