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Today we are all French. The turnout of the rally in Paris was huge, with almost two millions participants there.This is simply amazing, and it shows that the attacks were perpetuated by a minuscule minority, and that we can still win the war against extremism. That’s good news. That’s actually reassuring.

Can I just say that I was worried about the possibility of another attack during the march? The brutality of the recent events in France made me wonder whether my home country was under siege, and whether such atrocities were going to become more and more common. The fact that all went well today proves that we will not be defeated by a bunch of scattered terrorists. This is a fight we can win. This is a fight we have to win.

Now is time to regroup and fight for our values. It is time to stick together, respect each other while at the same time being able to make fun at each other.
And maybe, just maybe, it is time to appreciate the freedom we have a bit more. 

On this note, I urge you to get in touch with your French side and repeat after me #JeSuisCharlie
Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • Here’s also hoping that society in France becomes a little less fragmented and distrustful of its ethnic minorities and that Muslims and Jews (and by extension, all those who have sought and found la terre d’acceuil) are made to feel a little more appreciated on a routine basis; liberté could do with being reinforced by fraternité + égalité (of opportunity). Today was a good day for France, but it was in the media glare; the need for greater togetherness has to 1) be consistent, 2) take place on the quiet and 3) be carried out in the name of all the victims of these sad days. #JesuisCharlie/Ahmed/Franck/Yoav/Yohan/Clarissa/Philippe/Frédéric. #bleublancrouge

    • You have perfectly summed it up Richard: France needs to be less fragmented. I hope that we won’t forget the 11th of January!

  • Et je suis Juif.

  • I walked in the Montpellier march with my sons. You feel small in a group of 100,000 people. The idea of another attack was on everyone’s minds,I think, but it didn’t stop anyone. When the Marseillaise was sung by tens of thousands on the Place du Peyrou, the realization sunk in that France was up, proud and not scared to defend their values. I’m not French, but I’ve lived here for over twenty years, and I am proud of my adoptive home. Hugs xxx

    • Hugs to you. V proud of you that you went to the walk. xx