About Me

Bonjour! Welcome to French Yummy Mummy. My name is Muriel (you need to pronounce it MuriEL, not MEWriel, just so you know). I used to live in Paris and, when my husband found a job in London, I had two options: change husband or change job. I chose the latter, and the whole family moved to London as a result. (Picture Alejandra Moral, MUAH Anastasia Parquet)

I quickly found a new job but struggled to understand the rules of the game on this side of the Channel. To make matters even worse, I wasn’t taken seriously, probably because of my French accent. Being a French women in a Corporate environment over here is a double whammy: you have to deal with the sexist comments and the cliches on the French. Because just by crossing the Channel, I had apparently become some sort of mysterious creature that was almost too beautiful to have a brain of her own. So much for having studied quantum physics, abstract algebra and number theory.


It was time for a change. I started this blog when I left the Corporate world in 2011 to set up my own business, spend more time with my children, and get back in touch with my more creative side. I had reached a stage where I couldn’t see what was next for me. I was tired of always being considered as ‘the sexy French lady’ and wanted to debunk the myths on French women by making fun of them. I also wanted to help women of all nationalities, shapes, colours and ages to see the funny side of things, and feel happier about themselves. Because if I am the ‘sexy one’, warts and all, anyone can be. No, seriously. It is all about releasing your inner French goddess, and guess what: there is no need to be French to do it!


I rebranded myself as a ‘French Yummy Mummy’, decided to stop the pity party, and started writing about the cultural differences between the French and the British. I also decided to live the life I had always wanted, which meant having more fun and traveling a lot more (I have always had itchy feet. As in, very itchy feet).


The success of my blog took everybody by surprise (including me). I started writing for newspapers and magazines, and was interviewed by most major media companies (see In The Press section). I started modelling for photoshoots and I eventually wrote my first book: Le Guide Officiel To Becoming British...

But watch this space: there are some major news to come in 2017/18… In short, there is no stopping the self proclaimed French Yummy Mummy. But the most important thing, for me, is that I have never been happier: I am where I always wanted to be! Who said women were invisible after 40?


Well, not me. In fact, life only starts at 40. You won’t read here about how you need to wear high heels in the delivery room to be more French. No, you will read about my daily struggle to understand the Brits and my tricks for making them believe that I look as good as they think I do. You will also know everything about how I became a British citizen and ended up bringing up British daughters. I just want my readers to smile and laugh at what they read. What would make my day would be to see a reader on the Tube laughing out loud while discovering a new post. Everything on this blog has been tried and tested and is designed to make you feel happier.


Enjoy without moderation!

For all PR enquiries or writing assignment please contact my agent at the following email: robertgwynpalmer@gmail.com

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