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It is always nice to get noticed, right? I am talking about being noticed for all the right reasons, obviously. So when ActionAid invited me to their blogging party, I immediately said yes. They wanted to share with us the fact that they are starting to get involved in Myanmar (Burma), which I didn’t know. As some of you might have noticed, I was born French by mistake, my heart is in South East Asia and I go there at every possible opportunity, which is nowhere near often enough.

I like working with ActionAid. I like being noticed for the right reasons. Look at Prince Harry, for instance. If you are not aware of the whole story, you can read about it here. To cut a long story short, Prince Harry was pictured stark naked, crown jewels and everything, cavorting with surgically enhanced blondes in Las Vegas. I can assure you with 100% confidence that you won’t find any pictures of me playing strip billiard. That’s because I have never played strip billiard. It is official: I am a boring old fart, I know.

But I digress. I am sponsoring a child in India with ActionAid. His name is Suresh and this blog pays for the sponsorship fee (To be honest, I have to top it up, but we will get there!). It is my small way of making a difference, thanks to my readers. So why Myanmar? Following decades of struggle and uncertainty, Myanmar is starting to open up and now is a good time to get involved there. We had a presentation from actor Jimi Mistry and ambassador Alex Graham. Not to mention the fact that I met some lovely fellow bloggers (see here for the list). I was impressed with ActionAid approach. It is not about imposing our westernised ideas to communities. No, it is about training locals to become ‘change agents’ and letting them find the best ways to improve local communities’ life. And, to top it up, we had lots of cakes, which is always nice.
It is also worth mentioning that80% of your donation goes to local communities. If you are interested in sponsoring a child please Sponsor a child with ActionAid .
I am pleased that I can help in my own way. What about you? How do you get noticed?

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