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New York here We Come!

It is Sunday morning and I would have liked to sleep a bit longer. I woke up at 6 am when the house alarm next door set off. Nightmare. Initially, I didn’t know what it was. Is it something in my house? You see, the dishwasher beeps when my plates are supposed to be clean. My oven beeps too, all the time: when it has reached the right temperature, when the food is ready… I hate it. But this was different. Persistent. It sounded a little bit like a lorry trying to back up on the small street I live on. And the lorry seemed to be stuck. It couldn’t get out. Hubby woke up too and after careful investigation found out that the nasty sound was coming from the house next door. Investigating the origin of the sound was way too hard for me. At 6am all I can manage is to be half asleep and in a bad mood.

Eventually it stopped. Phew. Darn it, 10 minutes later, a car alarm went off. It looks like we are doomed today. Come on, where does this love of alarms come from? We live a hundred yards from a police station but everybody seems to have state-of-the-art alarms. Anyone trying to break into a car or a house on our street would be noticed and arrested within minutes. What is the point of alarms? Is it for the insurance? I don’t get it.

Why are we so afraid ? Why do we need alarms all the time? In France, we never had any alarms and were never burgled. Maybe we were just lucky. I think that it is more because we had good locks. That said, in my small village, we never closed the door. That’s just the way it was. Things have changed, I suppose.

Anyway, on the bright side my daughters didn’t wake up (bless them) and in a few hours we are off to….New York. I am finally getting my New York fix. Not that it will be quieter, but at least it will be in New York!
Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • Typical illustrating this piece with a present from France to the United States! – you never let the Americans forget that their Revolution was inspired by the French Republic! Inspired by the Colossus of Rhodes Frederic Auguste Bartholdi’s statue of “Liberty Enlightening the World” (Liberté éclairant le monde) is a worthy successor to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and an enduring icon of the bonds between two great republics. It even inspires little old me who comes from another wee republic inspired by the French Republic.

  • Maybe the spirits were insuring you made your flight!

  • SarahHague

    The number of house break-ins is going up. I was burgled twice way back in 1990, three months apart, long enough to claim on the insurance, get the money and replace the stolen stuff… except we hadn’t replaced anything and put the money towards buying a flat. The thieves were scraping the barrel on the second visit.

    Hope you have a great time in NYC.

  • Carolina HeartStrings

    Hope you have a wonderful time in NYC. You got just a small taste of the noise you will hear there!

  • Carol

    I agree. I hate alarms. How exciting to be going to NY. Have a wonderful time.

  • Ann Mullen

    I hate to tell you this, but we have alarms here too. So if you left London because of those alarms, I have to tell you this alarming news. Go see the Ark while you are in NYC. You can see it from the travel ferry.

  • SueraeStein

    OH MY GOD that would make me NUTS!!! I am very grumpy when I don’t my proper amount of sleep. Our alarm seems to be our beagle. This morning he was barking to go out at 5:30!!!! UGH! I feel your pain and annoyance.

  • MuMuGB

    Maybe. In which case I am truly blessed!

  • MuMuGB

    I am indeed having a great time in NYC. As for break-ins, well, I just hope that they won’t choose my house !

  • MuMuGB

    The noise in NYC is not so bad. Maybe I am getting used to it…

  • MuMuGB

    Thank you. As for alarms, it is supposed to protect you but it is quite a pain!

  • MuMuGB

    No alarm bells since we left London. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

  • MuMuGB

    Maybe someone has cursed us: we won’t be allowed to sleep as long as we want to? Just a thought.

  • MuMuGB

    I am glad that you find the French so inspiring. Personally, I think that they may have lost their touch.