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We live in a complicated world. Naively, I thought that the Olympics were only about sport. Once again, I was very naïve. Silly old me.
In London, there is a big debate about ambush marketing right now. As everybody knows, you have the official sponsors for the Olympics, such as Adidas and Coca-Cola. They had to fork out a hefty sum to be sponsors (Adidas paid in the region of £100m, according to a quick research on the web). But the organisers are worried that competitors, such as Nike or Pepsi for instance, will give flags or T-shirts to spectators. They might even pay them.  This practice is apparently called ‘Ambush Marketing”. As the Olympic committee has the responsibility to protect the commercial rights of official sponsors, it is not clear whether people will be allowed to wear whatever they want, especially if you wear Nike trainers or T-shirt displaying the brand of an official sponsor’s competitor. Ambush marketing will not be tolerated.
But where does it start? Where does it end? This promises to be interesting.
To make matters even more twisted, there has been a huge controversy around the choice of some official sponsors, such as BP for instance. As a result, BP’ Olympic ads have been splashed with oil on Crowmell Road (see the pics here). Protesters felt that BP, who was responsible for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, was trying to rebrand itself as a “clean” company as an Olympic sponsor. The ads have now been cleaned and there is a 24/7 vigil to make sure that they will remain oil-free.
Don’t get me wrong: I can’t wait for the Olympics to start. We can’t stop whingeing that it will rain, that it will be a mess, but we tend to forget what the real point of the Olympics is, and I am growing more and more impatient to be part of the buzz and enjoy the unique spirit. I just hope that I will be able to get in despite the brand of my trainers!

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