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Sometimes, when you walk around in Provence, you don’t feel like you are in France. This picture was taken in Hyeres, a small town on the Mediterranean. It is an Anglican Church. Yes, you have read this correctly: there is an Anglican Church in the middle of a small town in France. Why would Hyeres need an Anglican Church? Well, if the story is to be believed, a lot of Brits used to come here to spend the winter in a warmer climate. Apparently, during the nineteenth century, half of the population was British over the Christmas period. Hence the church. At some point, there were even 7 services per week.

The church is a concert hall since 1953. I wonder where the Brits have gone. Where did they flee to have a warmer winter? Maybe the Carribeans? Or Italy? Or maybe, they are less religious. In the meantime, the Anglican Church in the middle of France made me wonder whether France and Britain are not a little bit of the same entity. Lots of Brits in France, lots of French in the UK. We keep thinking that we are special but, after all, we have been living together for a long, long time.  
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