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I am going to ask you to put yourself in my shoes for a minute. Let’s say you start a conversation with someone. After a couple of questions, this person asks you:

“- Are you French?”
Well, it is complicated. You are French, and you are also British. You have Italian blood, and part of your Italian family emigrated to the US. What would you answer? You are from all over the place.
This is my dilemma. Usually, I say that ‘it is complicated’, or that I have ‘dual citizenship’. But the truth is that I don’t really feel French any more. That said, I don’t want to give a long-winded explanation. What to do? I usually give as short as possible an answer, such as ‘I was brought up in France’ or ‘half’.
It is funny how, having lived in London for more than a decade now, I keep being asked whether I am French. What is it going to take for me to be considered British? My children go to British schools. My older one is a talented sprinter and will try to get into team GB this spring. Come on, it doesn’t get any more British than this, does it? Am I French? Am I British? I don’t know. So tell me, what would you say?
Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London