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Broadbeach – quite a public place

I am now convinced that Aussies are the most laid-back people in the world. Why? Well, hear me out: we are going to the beach first thing this morning to enjoy the waves and the sun. This guy is working on his tan next to us. He is lying on his tummy. Come to think of it, I might have seen him yesterday. He looks slightly older than us, and is quite fit.

Imagine my surprise when I see that he has rolled his red board pants down while relaxing on the sand. Surely that’s because he doesn’t want a tan line? 

Just to clarify, I am not talking about a small inch below the hips here. No, I can see two muscular bum cheeks. Full moon, nothing left to the imagination. Mind you, he has a perfect bottom. It wouldn’t be out of place on an Aussiebum ad.
I am mesmerised. I am ashamed to admit that I can’t take my eyes off him -or rather, off his bum.
Is it common practice in Australia to show your bum cheeks in public? I wonder now.
I know that if you want an all-over tan, you need to minimise the amount of clothing you are wearing while tanning.
If you tan in the privacy of your own backyard, it shouldn’t be an issue. If, like him, you are tanning on Broadbeach on the Gold Coast, it would be wise to use the new tan-through swimwear. He obviously hasn’t heard of it. Maybe I should tell him?
The thing is, me being me, I start judging him a bit. What can I say? My French side is taking over. We French love to judge. I go for a quick swim and notice he is walking towards the sea too, right behind me (pants up, if you must know -what a relief!). A huge wave comes towards me and…guess what: my bikini is all over the place and he has probably managed to see at least half of my white French bottom.
I know, I know, I should be embarrassed. But, strangely, I am not.
Now we are even -I catch myself thinking. Not quite, actually: I haven’t shown anything intentionally…
Guess what: I think that I don’t care. Maybe it means that I am a true British citizen (do you remember the post that started it all?) On this note, I wish you a great Christmas, and I will keep my bikini firmly under control.
Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • But you didn’t Instagram his perfect bum Muriel haha. We see plenty of flesh up here in Cairns too around our lagoon on the Esplanade. The international backpackers just love the sun. And when the Italian students used to come on exchange at the school I was teaching, they would just take their shirts off and us bake at lunchtime. So glad to read you are having a great Aussie Christmas and the sun has worn the kids out. Hope you have also enjoyed some great seafood. Merry Christmas x

    • The food is amazing. Healthy and tasty. Seriously, what’s not to love in your home country?

  • NAH We aren’t the most laid back people in the world…I think it’s just a Queensland thing!

    • Is it? Well, I found the whole episode incredibly funny!