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40blogSpot is on fire! I have received two awards in the space of a few days. I normally don’t pass them on (I might be a bit asocial, probably something to do with my old age…) but have decided to make an exception because both are two very good blogging friends of mine.
Let’s start with the inspiring blog award (more to come in my next post). This award was passed on to me by the talented Hajra.
This award comes with a challenge. I have to give you seven words, expressions or sentences that I like, as well as revealing seven little-known facts about me. Finally I will nominate 7 bloggers for the inspiring award and it will be their turn to pass it on…
1.    Every cloud has its silver lining: don’t ask me why, I love this expression
2.    Happy as a clam. I didn’t know that clams were that happy but, hey, you have got to learn at all ages…
3.    Weird. A funny word, don’t you think?
4.    Spooky. That’s how the green and red lights in the lifts were. I used to work there. Really spooky.
5.    Bliss: it says it all, doesn’t it!
6.    To mollycoddle : this means to treat someone too leniently. I love it. I happen to know a former head teacher whose first name was Molly. Molly wasn’t mollycoddling her students! I wonder where this word is coming from.
7.    Shenanigan : apparently, this means a prank or a mischief. That said, I have heard it in much broader senses!
Right. Now, I need to share 7 little known words about me. Where do I start?
1.    I might be French but I don’t eat snails, horse meat or frogs
2.    I once was dumped by a boyfriend because I wasn’t cynical enough. No, that’s not a joke.
3.    I am a serial weeper. If I watch something vaguely sad, that’s it, I cry. And I will find any silly excuse to deny it vigorously. It is a dust in my eye, you see.
4.    I hate it when someone I have just met asks me ‘where are you coming from?’. I am from London, mate. Don’t let my French accent fool you.
5.    You might have picked it up from my blog: I am a huge fan of coffee. Cappucino especially!
6.     I do not have green fingers. Quite the opposite. All the plants I had to care for died. I don’t know what is wrong with me?
7.    I couldn’t survive without chocolate.
So, my time to pass the fun now:
– check out Stuart new blog here. This guy wears his heat on his sleeve!
– everytime I read Margot’s blog I feel hungry…you can read her here
– Holly is a seasoned blogger who had won many award. I would love to have her confidence. You can read her here
– If you are after a good laugh, Stacey’s blo is perfect for you…Check her out here
– I love Samantha’s writing. She has this amazing talent of always finding the right words. You can read her here.
– If you are after some words of wisdom, you need to check out Thom blog. Click here to have a peek!
– And, last but not least, don’t forget to check out Lucy’s blog here.
Now it is you time to pass the fun!

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London