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Thank you Sam , for the Lovely Blog Award, 

and thank you Janine, for the versatile Blog Award.

This week is Award’s week for 40BlogSpot. I am new to blogging and was delighted to find so much support amongst fellow bloggers. Thanks again for all your encouragements and kind words of support.

I understand that I now need to pass on the Lovely Blog award. Here are the lucky winners:
1.     The Accidental Londoner: I can’t remember how I came across this blog, but I love it. Something to do with falling in love with London, I suppose
2.     Secondary Blog Adventures: this is my daughter’s blog. She writes beautifully and I am a bit jealous.
3.     Reflections from a Red Head: Janine’s honest account of her life and dreams.

Now each winner can pass it on to 3 other blogs…Enjoy!

And for the versatile blog award :
1.     Dathai C A Republican invited to The Wedding Of The Year. If this isn’t versatile, what is?
2. : I love the videos. Just have a look and enjoy…
3.    What Not To Do In Love And Business : Sherrod’s beautiful site and stories
4.    As the Actress said to the Bishop: Isabelle’s funny posts
5.     While the Dervish Dances : Cathy’s magic moments of life
6.     A Cup Of Romance: Sandie’s uplifting romance stories
7.     Vinobaby’s Voice : a ray of sunshine from Florida!
 Now you guys need to pass the award to 7 other blogs and say 7 things about you that we don’t know about you yet!

Right. Now, I have to tell you seven things about me that you don’t already know:
1.     I find myself checking the news every 5 mins following the Japan earthquake and tsunami. I am horrified by what happened. I hope that everybody I know in the South Pacific is fine & safe. I am worried and feeling useless;
2.     Despite the name of this blog, I am NOT 40 yet (but not very far from it, which is why I am writing it while I still can). I thought that I should clear that one out right away;
3.     I hate judgemental people. I guess you could say that I am very judgemental about judgemental people (but that’s allowed);
4.     I don’t believe that you learn from your mistakes. I personally prefer to build on my strengths and try not to make the same mistakes twice;
5.     I had one too many glasses of champagne yesterday evening and am feeling a bit tired today. My head hurts. Thought you couldn’t get drunk on champagne but was clearly wrong;
6.     Today is a beautiful day and I have set myself a target to run 3 times this week;
7.     I am Sooo looking forward to the week-end!
Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • Well thank yo MuMu for the award – I will pass it on in the same spirit of caring and sharing!

  • “Despite the name of this blog, I am NOT 40 yet (but not very far from it, which is why I am writing it while I still can). I thought that I should clear that one out right away” LOL. You’re so funny!

  • Thank you MuMu. It’s my first blog award – will pass it on!!

  • Just found this award Mumu, thank you very much! It may take me a day or two to pass it on but I’ll be sure to do it.

  • Thank you very much for my blog award! It’s hugely encouraging when fellow bloggers recognise the effort that goes into maintaining one’s creativity and much appreciated. Well done on your own, much deserved awards too!

  • 2 awards! You are on fire!

  • Congratulations on your awards! Your blog is great!

    I am a new follower from the Tuesday hop, I would love if you could stop by

  • @ Accidental Londoner : I love the way you write, and I believe that your award is well-deserved.
    @ neanster77 and Sarah : thanks very much, it is good to have support from fellow bloggers. I am still a newbie here…