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Thank you Sam , for the Lovely Blog Award, 

and thank you Janine, for the versatile Blog Award.

This week is Award’s week for 40BlogSpot. I am new to blogging and was delighted to find so much support amongst fellow bloggers. Thanks again for all your encouragements and kind words of support.

I understand that I now need to pass on the Lovely Blog award. Here are the lucky winners:
1.     The Accidental Londoner: I can’t remember how I came across this blog, but I love it. Something to do with falling in love with London, I suppose
2.     Secondary Blog Adventures: this is my daughter’s blog. She writes beautifully and I am a bit jealous.
3.     Reflections from a Red Head: Janine’s honest account of her life and dreams.

Now each winner can pass it on to 3 other blogs…Enjoy!

And for the versatile blog award :
1.     Dathai C A Republican invited to The Wedding Of The Year. If this isn’t versatile, what is?
2. : I love the videos. Just have a look and enjoy…
3.    What Not To Do In Love And Business : Sherrod’s beautiful site and stories
4.    As the Actress said to the Bishop: Isabelle’s funny posts
5.     While the Dervish Dances : Cathy’s magic moments of life
6.     A Cup Of Romance: Sandie’s uplifting romance stories
7.     Vinobaby’s Voice : a ray of sunshine from Florida!
 Now you guys need to pass the award to 7 other blogs and say 7 things about you that we don’t know about you yet!

Right. Now, I have to tell you seven things about me that you don’t already know:
1.     I find myself checking the news every 5 mins following the Japan earthquake and tsunami. I am horrified by what happened. I hope that everybody I know in the South Pacific is fine & safe. I am worried and feeling useless;
2.     Despite the name of this blog, I am NOT 40 yet (but not very far from it, which is why I am writing it while I still can). I thought that I should clear that one out right away;
3.     I hate judgemental people. I guess you could say that I am very judgemental about judgemental people (but that’s allowed);
4.     I don’t believe that you learn from your mistakes. I personally prefer to build on my strengths and try not to make the same mistakes twice;
5.     I had one too many glasses of champagne yesterday evening and am feeling a bit tired today. My head hurts. Thought you couldn’t get drunk on champagne but was clearly wrong;
6.     Today is a beautiful day and I have set myself a target to run 3 times this week;
7.     I am Sooo looking forward to the week-end!
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