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It is all over the news. Audrey Pulvar, a well-known French journalist and her minister boyfriend -Arnaud Montebourg, have broken-up. You could argue that this is hardly a news as couples break up every day. But in this instance, Audrey Pulvar told the news to the French press by text message.

Female French journalists who are covering politics tend to end up in a relationship with politicians. We have plenty of examples. Some couples seem to last, even when they are not in the spotlight any more, which has to happen eventually… Others, such as DSK & Anne Sinclair, have known a different fate. Is this proximity between politicians & journalists unhealthy? I used to think so. Now I believe that we mustn’t read too much into it. And it is not really a French specificity, is it? Just look ad General Petraeus’ latest squeeze. They work together, they spend a lot of time together. Well, things happen. I suppose it is just human nature. Not always in a very dignified way, but human nature.
But when did it become acceptable to announce a break-up by text message? I still remember a Sex & The City episode where Carrie gets dumped by Post-It. At the time, I thought that it was pure fiction. Apparently not. Some break up by changing their Facebook status. Some tweet about it. Some email it around. How times have changed…how did we manage before social media ?
Unless I have missed something, you can not sustain a relationship using social media only. A kiss by tweet is not the same than the real thing. So why would you end a relationship that happened in the real world using the cyberspace? Is it easier to get read of someone in 140 letters than to face him or her? When did we pour our heart and soul on social networks?

Just imagine if we were using Twitter to stop our energy contract @supplierX had enough of your crappy customer service. Going to sign up with @supplierY. My followers would then ReTweet it and the whole world would know, except the energy company because their Twitter account hasn’t been updated since the latest ice age anyway.

So is the virtual break-up a French thing? I don’t think so. Again, I think that it is just human nature. It is easier to avoid a confrontation. But it is not human nature at its very best!
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