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It is official: I am back home, in London. London is so much quieter than New York! I almost feel that I am living in the countryside. The only noise I can hear right now is a dog barking a couple of streets away. The other thing I can’t help noticing is that, in London, I keep being asked whether I am French. Honestly, why is everybody obsessed with the French? Yesterday it was the newsagent asking me ‘are you French?’. Today, it was at a local stationery shop ‘which part of France are you coming from?’. Well, from London, actually.

In the week I spent in New York, nobody ever asked me where I was coming from. Not once. Nobody cared and it felt nice. And, for the record, I talked a lot. What is wrong with the British? Maybe I should design myself a custom-made T-shirt saying ‘I am French, get over it’. What do you think? And how the hell do they know I am French? I suppose it is the accent. Or the fact that I am a brunette maybe.
I will never know. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind being asked where I am from, but not in the first 30 seconds of a conversation with someone I have never met before. What is going on?
Or maybe I should give them a more detailed answer: I am 25% Italian, and I have dual French & British citizenship. What would you do?

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • I like the idea of the t-shirt.


    Say that you are British by way of St Tropez and you can’t place their accent either! Which part of Britain are THEY from?

  • SarahHague

    I’d favour the same local shops so they’d get to know me and wouldn’t need to ask. 🙂

  • MuMuGB

    That’s what I do. But they had forgotten about me.

  • MuMuGB

    Good one. I hope that they will get it…

  • MuMuGB

    Me too. It would cut the discussion short, wouldn’t it?

  • Janine Ripper

    Yes make it really complicated so that they regret asking 🙂

  • Next time, just keep them in suspense. When they ask, say something like, “You guess! And if you guess correctly, would you still want me to give you a prize for it?” hehehehe…… 😉

  • MuMuGB

    I will totally do it next time. I will give too much information.

  • MuMuGB

    I suppose I could try it. that said, why can’t people mind their own business and stop asking me where I am from.