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What a week! It was hectic, and I barely had a minute to myself. Except today. It was nothing short of a miracle: I had the whole day without anything planned, which hadn’t happened for a very long time. Because usually, between work and family duties, I have to be on the ball. Always. It just never stops.

Unsure of what to do with such freedom, I went to a small local beach for a leisury swim. In pure British style, I ended up working on my tan afterwards.

As you can see (yep, these are my legs), there is still a lot of work to do. From the fellow swimmers’ glances, it was obvious that everybody noticed that I was:
1. On holidays;
2. In desperate need of some sun.
But the best part of the day is that I am catching up with a couple of childhood friends tonight. In a funny way, I think that I became a friendlier and more social person when I moved to London. This is because, there, I can’t rely on my family for anything. I had to create a network of support from scratch. I rely on my friends a lot, and of course I try to be there for them too. In short, believe it or not, I understood the importance of friends in London.
Because of this (late, I know) realisation, I love reconnecting with childhood friends. After all, there were there for me, and at the time I might have been too proud/stuck in my own way to even notice it. I was taking them for granted. Don’t judge me too harshly: French families (like mine) can be a tad overbearing and not very inclined to let children broaden their horizons. No external influence, it could be dangerous, right? Well, lesson learned, it’s time to change. Seeing old friends is bringing back many happy memories. I feel in touch with my younger self (does this even make sense?), and more at peace too.

On this note, I am late as usual and need to dash. But I will say cheers to friends, old, new, French, British…in whatever shape of form, really ! Cheers, and thank you.
Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London