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It is typical, isn’t it? I was expecting some more rain, cold weather and grey skies but there is a bright sunshine in London.
This means that, of course, I am not prepared for my daughter’s first day at her new school as I only have her winter uniform. As a result, I have to cross London to find everything I miss, such as white ankle socks (for summer) and knee high dark blue socks (for winter). And the bad news is that I won’t get the summer dress by tomorrow. I am now considering sending my daughter to school with her newly bought white socks and her winter uniform. That said, I am not sure that you can mix and match.
The things we have to do when we become parents… I will blame it on the weather. I hope that they won’t send her back home.
But it gets worse. I thought that I was done with the leg wax and other niceties. Turns out, I am not. I have to attend various barbecues and new parents’ tea meetings and I need to make a good impression. There is nothing worse that meeting new mums and being told ‘you look tired’ (this means: for God’s sake, put some make-up on, Darling) or, even worse ‘you are French? Really? You don’t look French to me…this means that I have either put on some weight or my dress sense leaves much to be desired. That said, I can always answer ‘that’s right, I don’t smoke’. It might buy me some time. Might only. Usually, most of them are skinny and blonde. Why am I always a misfit?
In short, even for a veteran Mum like me, the pressure is on. I am sure that all will be ok in the end but I don’t want to let my daughters down. And I badly need a manicure too. How am I going to find the time to get presentable? The answer is: I am not. I need to think outside the box here and now. As a mum, you have to be resourceful. I have found a lovely light brown nail polish in my teenage daughter’s bedroom (where did she find it?). That will do. And her foundation to hide pimples. That will do too. How did I manage before having a teenager in the house? I have no idea.
Oh, and to hide the dark circles I have taken my husband’s designer sunglasses. He is not using them, right? Dress on. High heels on. I am good to go.
Wish me luck.

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London