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Hello from the other side of the world. Apologies for the late post/delayed comments, etc…Getting Internet here is a bit of a challenge, but we will get there, I promise! While on the plane (and believe me, it was a long journey!), I was wondering where I was from. Technically, I am French. But my home, for the time being, is in London. And finally, for some weird reasons, I feel at home in Bali.
In short, my life is complicated. Sigh.
Look at the beautiful plant!

Why couldn’t it be more simple? I could have stayed in my village near Saint Tropez where apparently my grandmother has found an ancestor who was living there more than 400 years ago. But no, I had to escape. I don’t know why.
There is something about Bali that resonates with me. Is it the deep sweet smell of the warm earth? Or the beauty of the temples, the beaches and the landscapes?  Or the colourful clothes and immaculate women walking down the street with piles of offerings on their heads?
I have absolutely no clue.

Look at the fabric!

Coming here does the trick every time. I can feel my energy levels coming back, slowly but surely (I had a stressful year. Honestly). There is an order that I like here, something about the slow pace of the people walking in a procession. The sound of the gamelan seems to push everything else in my head, and, for once, I can enjoy the present –usually, I am a serial worrier –on Sunday, I think about all the parties that my daughters will have to attend during the week, and what they will bring, who will pick them up…and if something is missing I usually freak out.
Being on holidays is also the time when stark realisations dawn on you:
       My leg wax doesn’t last as long as it should. And I will not mention the bikini wax. I thought that being married meant that you don’t have to wax that often but once again I was wrong.
       My beautiful little dress is too tight this year. I can barely walk in it.
       The guys start eyeing my daughter and not me any more. Bunch of perverts. Surely it means that I am getting wiser. Yes, surely.
       French behave in a funny way when abroad. I sometimes make them try to speak in English. Just for fun (for me, not for them!).
       I need to brush up my Bahasa Indonesia skills (the language here). I thought that I was still good but once again I was wrong.
Lots of new creatures here

And we arrived only yesterday! Watch this space, I am sure that there will be more to come!

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London