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All I want right now is to curl up with a good novel, fall asleep, and wake up in sunny spring. That’s probably what getting older and a sore throat do for me (or maybe the other way around?). But I have something to do every day. Duty keeps calling.
Today is no exception. Today, I have just passed my “Life in the UK” test. This is yet another milestone on the road to becoming British. And I am pleased to announce that I passed! The difficulty, for me, wasn’t the test itself (24 questions to answer in 45 mins, if you must know), but the long wait outside, the rain and above all having to pass yet another exam (I have had my fair share of exams already, I keep thinking that I am done with them, but I keep having to sit additional tests for some reason). All I need to do now is prepare and send my citizenship application form. I will probably have to pay a fee as well. And then, I will be invited to a Citizenship ceremony. With some luck, I will be able to vote for the next General Election.
Don’t get me wrong. I know that I will never truly be British. –I often get stark reminders of this like, “Oh, it is different over here, Dear”,  or “What do you mean, Darling?” –I usually mean what I say, actually . The reason why I want a British passport is because my daughters are more British than French. In my opinion, they need to become British. Badly. According to my experience, nationality isn’t in your genes. This came to a surprise to me, as I come from a very, very French background. But I knew that my daughters British when:
1.     They started to correct my bad accent (Gloaoves, mum, please…)
2.     They started eating parsnip (did you know that parsnip existed? I didn’t)
3.     They love Yorkshire pudding
4.     They don’t know what a béchamel is and ask for gravy at every possible opportunity
5.     They use the informal form of you (“tu”) with everybody, which doesn’t always make the cut in France.
So here we are, one step closer to becoming a British family… Who would have thought?
Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London