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London is very cold right now. This means that I have had to dig out my winter coat and my scarf. Obviously, despite my new citizenship, I am not truly British because I keep seeing men of all ages wearing short pants and a vest in arctic temperatures. I wonder whether I will get there eventually. Probably not.
Mind you, the cold temperatures do not deter some from trotting along with just an evening dress and high heels. I can understand that: you want your outfit to be seen and admired, right? That said, I saw something new today. I apologise for the quality of the picture, I just had time for a quick snap.

Basically, this young lady is wearing a mini-skirt, woollen socks, a warm coat and a hat.
Her thighs had nothing on. Yep, you read that well. Absolutely nothing.
This got me thinking. Maybe I just have too pragmatic a mind. I don’t get it. My question is:
Why would you keep your head warm and your bottom cold?
I tried to think of possible explanations:
1.    She wants to impress her boyfriend (but honestly, would you risk a bad cold just to show your thighs? I certainly wouldn’t. A runny nose is so not sexy. Maybe she wants him to nurse her. Hmm, not a good plan)
2.    She misses the beach (but we all do, right? And we don’t wander half-naked in the cold because of it. Well, I certainly don’t. I am such a conformist nowadays!)
3.    This is yet another new trend that I missed. I have seen quite some girls dressed like that. Maybe, after all, it will stick.
4.    I am becoming way too judgemental. That’s what age does for you –I am too old to change anyway and I stopped trying a long time ago. But, honestly, this is just common sense, right? And I don’t want our already very busy doctors to become any busier because of a naked butt in the cold.
In short, you will not see me running around in the cold like that. What about you? Would you dress like this in the cold? And if so, why? You see, I need to understand.

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • Well, as a teenager I went out in crop tops and mini skirts in winter…but I was a TEENAGER. In saying that, the fashion these days for anyone under 25 is ‘less is more’ so maybe that’s what she was trying. I swear though, if she was an Aussie under-25 something, she wouldnt have had the socks, beanie or jacket on…

    • It looks like the Aussie fashion sense is, let’s say…interesting. That said, it is warmer down there, right?

  • You should see what they wear oup north. In Newcastle she’d be overdressed. My brother used to have to wear shorts and long socks as school uniform until he was 11. Us Brits think nothing of bare legs.

    Third try at captcha – those things are unreadable!!

    • It is a British thing to be able to walk half naked in the cold. I am afraid that I will never get it. Sorry for the capcha, I know it is a nightmare. Disqus isn’t allowed with a blogger dynamic view and I am left with having to find a brand new template that would allow disqus. It is easier said than done and I have just come to realise how out of touch I am with html

  • I think Scotsmen still do – AND they’re reputed not to wear underpants. Perhaps as a British citizen you should take the chance to go to Scotland this winter before they devolve 🙂

    • I have never understood whether this underpants thing is a legend or a reality…Any useful insights?

  • It was only 6 inches of uncovered skin 🙂

    • You see, Roy, it is not the amount of skin that bothers me, it is the fact that her head is warm and not her legs. I might be too rational!

  • Brits are The Mutant Race, they are resistant to cold.

    • They are indeed. But I can tell you one thing: being a naturalised British citizen hasn’t changed a thing!

  • PS. kill the captcha!!!!!!!

    • I know a change is long overdue but my template doesn’t accept disqus and other comments widgets. I am left with having to change the whole template and my html skills leave much to be desired. Any suggestion. Am becoming a bit desperate!

  • Lol, Muriel, yes I would! I like to show as much skin as I can. That said, that is a lot less than when I was younger! Also, I have always been hot blooded. I sweat super easily. All the time. Of course, Kansas was cold. Texas really is not, so maybe my standards have changed.

    • Good for you…It is not the amount of skin that she is showing, it is the fact that she wears a hat but her legs are naked. I just can’t figure out what the logic is…That said, maybe there isn’t any…