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It is this time of the year, I suppose. A time to stay indoors, read, relax, and stuff your face. Travelling during the Christmas break is always gruelling. This year is no exception. There was a massive storm in London. I am glad to be staying here, in the comfort of my newly-redecorated house. The news coming from my home country are not very uplifting anyway.

That said, this year is different. You see, I have discovered brandy butter. It was a gift from our decorators, in a hamper. There was some brandy butter in it. I had never tried brandy butter before. I wouldn’t even know how to translate it into French. Brandy butter is simply made of butter, sugar and brandy, but it tastes so much better than what it is made of. You can eat it with bread, a warm mince pie, or with some pudding…The butter will melt with the heat, and the cake will be deliciously moist when you eat it. What’s not to love? 

How come I had missed this? Why didn’t anyone tell me what brandy butter was? Why hadn’t I tried it before? I wonder what else I need to discover…

It looks like 2014 will have to start with a diet…
Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • Divine isn’t it! Sorry – that’s not very helpful.

    • How come I didn’t know? Where the hell have I been?

  • Sounds great! Will keep my eyes open for it and give it a try!

    • I wonder if it exists in the US. You will have to let me know.

  • Brandy butter is popular in Ireland as well, but I’ve never tried it either, and like you, I don’t know why !! I may just go to the shop today and buy some then,,,

    • It is a lot better than I thought…that said, it is probably a thousand calories an hour…

  • That’s exactly how I felt when I first tasted it, Muriel! How could I have survived without brandy butter for so long? Carpe diem and diet later!

  • I am wondering who there wonderful decorators are who give a hamper… will have to suggest that to my plumber who has made a couple of visits recently….

    I agree with you about Brandy butter – and the diet. But it’s only once a year.

    I hope you have a super New Year, Muriel!

    • Well, I am trying hard to be nice with my painters / decorators, etc…I give them tea & biscuits. I guess they just returned the favour??? I wish you a very good year 2014 too, Jenny!

  • So that is what brandy butter is! I saw it on the Queen’s menu for Christmas dinner. I live in the United States and have never seen it in a store, but I may go looking for a recipe. Except that, I’m back on Weight Watchers the first of the year. Darn!

    • Same here. Why do all the good things have to make us fatter? This is so unfair!

  • i’m jealous. except for the Brandy butter

    • Hello Mandy! I wish I were in Indonesia right now….I didn’t even know Brandy butter existed a few days ago. Have you tried it?