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As you all know, a referendum is being held on Thursday, 23 June to decide whether Britain should leave or remain in the European Union. I tend to steer away from political issues on this blog, but today I will make an exception. As some of you have already read, I have made my position abundantly clear on the national press (read the article here in case you have missed it:


It is an understatement to say that my position has surprised most of my friends and family, but hey, here we are. Once again, as much as I love the concept of Europe, I don’t think that it is working, and I am sick an tired of all the forms that I have to fill for my business in France (not to mention that it keeps changing). I sometimes wonder what would happen if I stopped doing it. I think that I would have fines to pay. Because that’s usually the way it goes, right?


But I digress. I just wanted to reassure you that, whatever happens on the 23rd of June, I am here to help. What am I talking about? Well, here is the big news: my book will come out on the 23rd of June and its title is:

‘ Le Guide Officiel To Being British’

In short, whether the UK gets out of Europe or not, help is at hand: I will tell you everything about my (on-going) journey to understand the British. The book is all about what is evasive concept called Britishness is about. So fear not, I have got it covered…

And watch this space, because I will post teasers until the 23rd. In the meantime, I thought that I should share with you the contents of the book…So tell me what you think!

Introduction: Are you ready to become British?

Every Day Life

How To Speak Proper English

Eating And Drinking

How To Dress



How To Make Friends

How To Date

The Sex Issue

Working In The UK

How To Get An Education

How To Find A Job And Get Promoted

How To Set Up A Business

British Culture

A Glorious Past

Cultural Icons

Sense Of Humour

Value And Principles

How To Complain

Dealing With Point Scorers

Fair Play

Stick And Stones

Customs And Traditions

Bank Holidays And Public Holidays

Sending Cards



A Modern, Thriving Society



Special Relationship With The United States