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Ok, I will admit it. As you may have noticed, as far as my style is concerned, I am quite conservative. I love black outfits. Or dark blue. Or grey. Maybe dark brown from time to time. My idea of change is a crisp, white shirt. Or maybe my beige coat. Even in my own house I believe that you can’t go wrong with neutral colours. Have a look: this is how my daughter’s bedroom looked like. Come on, be kind, it looks nice!

But now that I am a fully-fledged British citizen, it is time to brighten up and to slowly start to add a dash of colour to my life. I know that it will be a slow process: I cannot rewind years of believing that dark is smarter in the blink of an eye, right? But in Rome, you need to do as the Romans. And I keep seeing all sorts of colours over here (sometimes, a bit too many, actually –I am still very judgemental!!!). I hate to admit it, but it is time to brighten up.
Let’s be honest here. I needed a bit of help. Actually, that’s an understatement (I am really turning British!): I needed a LOT of help. Miracles do happen: Joules contacted me and suggested that I should take a look at Joules. I had never heard of the brand Joules before. That’s pretty normal, because Joules the epitome of Britishness. It is all about bright colours and enjoying the British countryside. The designs were simple, yet colourful and uplifting.
But guess what: I was so sure of my conservative style that I turned their offer to try some of their clothes down. Yes, that’s just me.
They didn’t give up. They came back to me suggesting that I should have a look at Joules’ section for home and garden. Clever move: my teenage daughter has been asking for more colours for the best part of a decade. So I gave in and decided that she might be right, after all. Now was the right time to give in to my teenage daughter and let her have a more colourful bedroom. The deckchair stripe duvet cover arrived today, courtesy of Joules and, in my household, it was out with the grey, in with the beautiful stripes!
What’s not to love about the duvet cover? The fabric is soft and thick and the design, well, changes everything! Well, not everything to be completely honest. My DD is now taking a nap in her brand new duvet cover and I can’t wake her up…
Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t reached the stage where I will buy a pink hat and dye my hair green. No, I am still very reasonable. Too reasonable, probably. But I am starting to be more tolerant about colourful clothes. And, after the lovely duvet, I have my eyes set on the Alfreda top. Wat do you think? Should I buy it? Would it be a good start for the next stage, ie brightening my wardrobe? Do you have any advice as to what to do next?

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • Don’t know which one is the Alfreda so can’t comment on that. The new duvet looks very snazzy though. Splashes of colour are definitely a good thing. They brighten the place up.

    • I love it too. I think that I just needed a change…

  • Muriel – I have considered your energy lines, aura, odour, chakras, consulted the crystals,studied Fung Shei and Chop Suey and obviously squared everything to take into account you are now a Brit. I have also matched your skin tone in various lighting conditions.

    The conclusion is inexorable.

    Green Lurex is the way to go, innit?

    • Thanks David…What about you? Are you truly a Brit too?

  • Gee has England changed that much. All I remember is greyness and drabness!

    • Well, I live close to an Art University and I never, ever get bored with the various outfits and colours…

  • I love the sheets but the top – not so much 🙂 It’s way too country for me – remember – you live in a metropolis!

    • I know, but I miss bright colours…Don’t you?

  • A bright scarf as winter draws in? That sort of colour doesn’t take too much commitment…! I could see you pulling off red, Muriel; nice and festive too! Go for it.

    • I love red…But somehow I barely wear it…go figure!

  • Love the colors!

    • Thanks! There is nothing like a dash of colour to cheer me up!