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Sonia On A Sunny Day In Paddington, London

We all think that we are different. I am no exception. Actually, it is even worse: as I am French born, I really believe that I am different. That’s the way we French are. Coming to live to London and saying ‘Goodbye!’ to the corporate world was a big deal for me. I know that, in the grand scheme of things, it is pretty common, especially for a woman, to experience a career change. Except that in France, I was expected to have a job for life. I told you that I was different!

Blogging helped me realise that there were lots of men and women like me out there. And some -let’s say it fast- had harder choices to make. During my blogging journey, I met Sonia. You can read her blog here. When her elder son went off the rails, she decided to take the whole family to live to Belize for a year. She wrote a book about it: Freeways To Flip-Flops. Talk about being gutsy. See, I have got some way to go.

Sonia became a blogging friend and she even came to meet me in London when she was in the UK. We had a lovely time. It is quite funny how you can make blogging friends. You have never met, but you already know each other. Weird and fabulous.

Me And My Red Coat In London, Paddington

Sonia cannot be stopped. She recently published a new book, My Gutsy Story Anthology.
Sonia’s new book is about normal people who had to go outside of their comfort zone. My story is in page 14. There lots of other inspirational stories about normal people having to go through grief, adventure or just life. Do not expect sensationalism or science fiction. This is just about normal people deciding to do something extraordinary. And if even I, a pure French product,  managed to start a new life abroad, well, I think that we can all be gutsy! The book was such a success that Sonia is now accepting submissions for a second anthology. Ask her more on Twitter if you are interested.

Last but not least, Sonia will kindly give a free eBook to one of my readers. Interested? Please leave a comment on this post or send me an email by Friday, the 8th of November 2013 8pm (Greenwich time). I will put all names in a hat and take one randomly…Good luck!

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London