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That’s it, I am a fully-fledged British citizen. The funny thing is that I have been asked a few times whether I will change the name of this blog. Well, no, I won’t. After all, I have dual citizenship! And now that I have the domain name, I might as well use it…
It all happened last Wednesday. I took the Tube to Baker Street during rush hour, in the morning and the whole experience was made that little bit worse when I saw a woman puking in a bin at the station. How lovely! I tried to think of something else: it was a bright, crisp day. No rain in sight. Surely this was a good sign!
I walked along Marylebone High Street and initially thought that Westminster Council House was this building…Well, I have to admit that I was a little bit disappointed!

It turns out that I was wrong. It was the opposite building. That’s lucky, I much prefer this one!!!

We were 43 British-to-be citizens and we were later told that, amongst us, 27 different nationalities were represented. Most of us had brought guests. I hadn’t. I took it to Twitter to share my thoughts and it was nice to get responses in real time as the whole thing was happening. What would I do without social media? Here are some of the tweets I received. I felt immediately better!
@FrenchYumMummy stiff upper lip. Your nearly British.
@FrenchYumMummy The very best of luck lov
@FrenchYumMummy indeed. Hope u enjoy it. People say it is good.

The waiting hall was full. This didn’t deter the lady at the front desk to tell me to take a seat. Well, no more seat were available but I didn’t say anything. It must have been some sort of British understatement I am sure that she was just trying to be polite. We then had the treat of having a fire alarm test. No more surprises happened after that.
After a long registration, we were finally led to some much-needed tea and coffee (and chocolate biscuits). The ceremony itself didn’t take more than 45 minutes and was led by the Westminster deputy mayor in the council room.

 I didn’t really feel any different after my pledge and the cab driver taking me home even asked me where I was coming from. I replied that I was British and he didn’t seem to believe me. He said something like ‘it is nice to have kept your French accent’
I guess that some things will never change!

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London