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That’s it, I am a fully-fledged British citizen. The funny thing is that I have been asked a few times whether I will change the name of this blog. Well, no, I won’t. After all, I have dual citizenship! And now that I have the domain name, I might as well use it…
It all happened last Wednesday. I took the Tube to Baker Street during rush hour, in the morning and the whole experience was made that little bit worse when I saw a woman puking in a bin at the station. How lovely! I tried to think of something else: it was a bright, crisp day. No rain in sight. Surely this was a good sign!
I walked along Marylebone High Street and initially thought that Westminster Council House was this building…Well, I have to admit that I was a little bit disappointed!

It turns out that I was wrong. It was the opposite building. That’s lucky, I much prefer this one!!!

We were 43 British-to-be citizens and we were later told that, amongst us, 27 different nationalities were represented. Most of us had brought guests. I hadn’t. I took it to Twitter to share my thoughts and it was nice to get responses in real time as the whole thing was happening. What would I do without social media? Here are some of the tweets I received. I felt immediately better!
@FrenchYumMummy stiff upper lip. Your nearly British.
@FrenchYumMummy The very best of luck lov
@FrenchYumMummy indeed. Hope u enjoy it. People say it is good.

The waiting hall was full. This didn’t deter the lady at the front desk to tell me to take a seat. Well, no more seat were available but I didn’t say anything. It must have been some sort of British understatement I am sure that she was just trying to be polite. We then had the treat of having a fire alarm test. No more surprises happened after that.
After a long registration, we were finally led to some much-needed tea and coffee (and chocolate biscuits). The ceremony itself didn’t take more than 45 minutes and was led by the Westminster deputy mayor in the council room.

 I didn’t really feel any different after my pledge and the cab driver taking me home even asked me where I was coming from. I replied that I was British and he didn’t seem to believe me. He said something like ‘it is nice to have kept your French accent’
I guess that some things will never change!

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • You are to be commended for crossing the parochial divide. Wish the British Press could do the same. As Armistice Day approaches isn’t it time the German Chancellor was invited to the Cenotaph ceremony as happened previously in Paris. Maybe some of us can be forgiven for being partisan when it come to supporting Les Bleus or the All Blacks?

    • Rugby will be a tough one indeed…I will support whoever wins…much easier!

  • Congratulations! I thought you were going to a Brit Yummy Mummy now… 😉

    • I am not quite there yet, Hajra, but I am working on it!

  • Wow! Congrats!! =) I’d agree about keeping the name. It’s still such a strong part of your identity, or was it the other way around…? =)

    • I just don’t know, Samantha, I am a bit confused!

  • Congratulations! and my son’s British passport has arrived too so he is now officially British aussi.

    • Congratulations to your son! Does he have French nationality too? Does he think he is French or British?

  • I still remember when I obtained my US citizenship (2008). It was great mainly because I knew that having a US passport will save me from long lines at immigration points. That’s about it, haha! Deep down, I know I will always be Filipino. ALthough sometimes, admittedly I feel lost. It’s like in certain situations, I’m ‘too American’, while in some, I’m ‘too Filipino’. I suppose having dual citizenship tends to leave one in limbo at times. Oh well, anyhow, congrats!

    • Thanks, Joy, having a dual citizenship feels a bit funny, doesn’t it? I hope that, over time, we will get used to it!


    • Thank you! What about you? What is your next travel?

  • Exciting milestone, congrats! I remember when my oldest became a US citizen. Very big day, indeed!

    • Thanks! It feels a bit funny because my family is 100% French. But hey, life is about being flexible, isn’t it?