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That’s just me. And I will stick to it.
Today I caught up with a friend who had just spent a couple of weeks on the French Riviera. She was in shock.  She told me: “All French women were sunbathing TOPLESS. Can you believe it? Disgusting.” It brought back some memories. Things don’t seem to have changed much in my home country. It remains acceptable and fashionable to go to the beach, well, topless. Whether you are old, young, fat or skinny, nobody cares. On the beach, you can see whoopee cushions and bee stings, and everything in between, really. It is totally fine. Last time I went I even saw a woman who had clearly undergone a mastectomy and she was completely at ease with her body, which I admire. Frankly, I have seen so many boobs in France that I am not shocked any more. That’s what I tried to tell her but I am not sure that she agreed with me. Cultural shock, I suppose.

Mind you, this love of boobs hasn’t reached London just yet, but there is something else going on over here. Have you noticed that dresses and tops tend to be, well, bustier? It is all over the streets, and women seem to endeavour to show their best assets. Maybe that’s why there is a surge of women undergoing boob jobs in the UK. I really wonder. It is so hypocritical, you see. In France, you just go naked and all shapes seem to be pretty much accepted. Over here, you must suggest that you are perfect. Just suggest. What a difficult conundrum for women. As for me, I didn’t spend a penny on my best assets. I am what I am, and I feel much too old to change it anyway. For once, I wish we could go a bit more French in London: women of all shapes and ages, just accept your breasts as they are! What do you think?
Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London