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It is amazing how doing nothing can become addictive. I have spent a couple of days near St Tropez and it has made me realise how hectic my life in London is. I find it really hard to go back to my old routine, which includes:

1.      Waking up far too early
2.      Preparing breakfast for the whole family
3.      Helping  the younger one getting dressed
4.      Preparing  myself (or rather, trying to)
5.      Doing the school run (two different schools because no sibling policy of course)
6.      Going to the office (3 hours after point 1, that’s how long the whole process takes)
7.      Once at work, listening to the generation Yers’ complains while they are eating their breakfast at their desk (for some reason, the office becomes a breakfast parlour in the morning). They are tired because, you see, they have just woken up and are coming back from a week-end in Amsterdam/Paris/Madrid/Rome/Wherever. Poor darlings. They keep yawning, which drives me mad because if they knew what being tired meant they wouldn’t dare to open their pretty young mouths.
I will spare you the rest, I am sure that you understand where I am coming from.  To make matters even worse, we had applied for some tickets for the Olympic Games in 2012. You see, I have never attended the Olympic Games and I was looking forward to it. In London. But tough luck, we have been cheesed off. Out of the 11 applications for 4 tickets each  (even fencing, which we like and can’t be THAT popular, can it?), we haven’t had one. Zero. Nada. Kossong. Apparently more than 250 000 persons are in the same boat and even the London mayor, Boris Johnson, didn’t get his tickets either. Not much consolation. For once it might help to be French as I might be able to buy some tickets from there…
I have tried to understand the rules of the lottery and have come to the conclusion that we didn’t get any tickets because we wanted the whole family to go. It would have been easier if we had asked a couple of tickets for each event. But what would be the point? We have so little time together…
Anyway, I will pull myself together and try to do the best I can. Keep calm and carry on…

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London