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I can’t take it anymore. Christmas is everywhere, and for some reason, the spirit of Christmas should miraculously make everybody happy. Well, here is a newsflash for you: I have it up to here with Christmas. No spirit of Christmas for me. Why?

Well, in no particular order, I had to give countless donations (for presents, for all the fairs, for charities), endure the rehearsals of the concerts, prepare some stalls, bake some cakes, and so on, and so forth. I must admit that filling jam jars with stationery or sweets isn’t my cup of tea. That’s it: I am done. I am going on strike. I am escaping and taking the first flight I can for a much-needed business trip. Yes, now. Some of us have to work, you see. I have a life outside of the Christmas preparations. Am I allowed to say that I miss France? In my home country, schools might have a Christmas tree at this time of the year but that’s as far as it goes. Parents don’t have to do much, if anything at all.


Christmas lights at Heathrow T5

In London, this week is simply a joke. Tomorrow, the children have to come with a Christmas hat and a Christmas jumper. Because it’s fun, you see. Except that I am sick and tired of buying a Christmas hat every year and being told off because my daughter’s Christmas hat isn’t that special (Please. Do I also have to customise it? What’s next?). As for Christmas jumpers, don’t even go there.


Then there is the school Carol concert on Wednesday, which means that we have to pick up the children at 2.30pm, bring them to the church at 4.30pm and attend the concert at 6.30pm. That’s one afternoon gone!


Then again, on Thursday, there is the Christmas fair. The parents have to volunteer to help on a stall: I have received an email detailing what I need to do, and to cut a long story short, that’s the afternoon gone as well. On top of wasting half of the day, you have to buy token for the kids to enjoy the attractions, and it doesn’t come cheap. I just never stops. It just is never enough. There is always more to do and surely that’s not the true Christmas spirit, right?

Last but not least, on Friday you are allowed to bring your kids in a bit later, at 10am. But beware: the children break up at 11.30 am! It makes you wonder why they need to go to school at all.

Seriously, how do women work in this country? How can they manage? What is this Christmas craze about?

On this note, I am gone. Hubby will manage (with the help of a babysitter that I had to organise of course) for once. After all, I have been doing it for the last ten years. It’s time to take a break from Christmas! Bye!