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It is this time of the year. My to-do list seems to become longer by the minute and things were bound to reach breaking point. They did today. It started when I forgot the dentist appointment of my teenage daughter. It was on the board, on the calendar, everywhere, but we blanked it out completely. It continued when I tried to kick off my Christmas shopping this week-end, only to find out that I couldn’t park anywhere. I ended up going back home empty-handed, after having wasted the best part of a couple of hours with screaming kids in the car.

But the worst was yet to come. My younger daughter’s school has come up with the brilliant idea that each kid should come to school tomorrow with a Christmas decoration for the school’s Christmas tree. How lovely! The thing is, I have no Christmas decorations over here because we never spend Christmas in London. I have to find something by tomorrow -having just received the email this morning. My local shops haven’t started selling garments yet. What am I supposed to do without spending the day on it? I was waiting at the post office to send some letters and gifts when I saw it. A perfect Christmas tree was standing right in the corner, with tinsels, shiny stars and little baubles. Do you know what I thought? Here it is: maybe I could steal a bauble. It would save me a couple of hours. I almost did it. I was seriously tempted.

To make matters even worse, I have friends coming over this week-end and I love to have a cup of nice champagne for such occasions. Bubbles are the perfect antidote to the Christmas stress. But I haven’t had time to buy anything. My local wine shop sells my favourite pink champagne brand for a hefty £59.99 a bottle. I still have time to order on-line but it remains expensive at £41.99 per bottle. Maybe I have expensive tastes. They should invoice by the bubble. As I don’t have time to shop around, I often end up buying things at a huge premium -and feeling bad about it. It is all about juggle, juggle, juggle.

But something happened. In fact, it is nothing short of a miracle. I was contacted by mySupermarket to try out their services.
Basically, they do the hard work for you. They compare the prices between the main supermarkets and tell you where to find the cheapest option. The price comparison is easy to understand and if they don’t find the same product they suggest something similar, or cheaper. And the icing of the cake is that most on-line supermarkets deliver at my place.

In the comfort of my own place, I had a look at my favourite champagne. I could get it on-line for £32 (£31.99 to be precise). A saving of £18 per bottle compared to my corner shop and a saving of £10 per bottle compared to my usual on-line supermarket! What is not to like about such a site? I have never felt better about buying champagne. How come I hadn’t heard of this before? How silly of me not to compare more. From now on, it will be a lot easier to be a savvier buyer.

I also bought advent calendars, chocolates and everything I needed for my friends’ visit, including some nice Christmas gifts. I was chuffed to bits. No parking to worry about and no extensive researches to make to find the best bargain. For once, I felt that I wasn’t penalised for being short of time. And it felt good. The champagne will taste event better.

I have teamed up with mySupermarket for this post but the opinions are my own and I really was pleased to save on my Christmas shopping. Please let me know how you survive the Christmas season in the comment box below.

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