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There is something very wrong with me. Here are the symptoms: I miss French movies, and I catch myself singing ‘Les Demoiselles De Rochefort’ at every possible opportunity (click on the video and try to sing along with it please, it will make me feel better). I don’t know how it started, it just happened. I have missed so many good movies over the last ten years. A catch up was long overdue, right? I was craving French movies. What is wrong with me? Why now? Could I be, well, homesick? How is this even possible?

The problem is that it feels like my dirty secret, a bit as if I was having an affair. My daughters find French movies incredibly boring. After five minutes they start yawning like mad and want to watch something else, usually an American series like ‘Jessie’. It can’t work. 

 My husband is very worried, and I think that he believes that I am depressed. He can’t stand a French movie. For him, a good movie is usually an action movie. What to do?

Well, I watch a French movie at every possible opportunity. On my iPhone, at home when I can’t sleep, or while cooking. I cry, I laugh on my own. My own family must believe that I am getting mad. I don’t care. Today, I watched ‘The Beloved‘ (Les Bien-Aimes), of Christophe Honore. It is the story of unrequited love, and Catherine Deneuve and Chiara Mastrioanni are, well, simply magical.
To cheer me up, later on I will watch ‘Sky Fighters‘ (les chevaliers du ciel). Just watching Benoit Magimel will improve my morale. It works every time. I can’t wait to see the fights in the sky, they are incredibly realistic. You actually feel like you are on a plane.Woooosh!

Then, if I have some time left -which is highly unlikely unlikey but hey, you have got to dream on, right?- how about watching the fantastic movie ‘Polisse‘? It doesn’t make for an easy watch, but it is a riveting movie, up until the end. A must-watch.

And have you seen ‘Hidden‘, with Juliette Binoche? I can’t believe I missed it when it came out!
In short, I am hooked. Is it an addiction? Should I consult? Has it happened to you? I am starting to worry…

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