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I am guest posting at the hugely successful blog Lover Of Creating Flavours. Thank you, my dear friends Anita & Caro. You have got to love the blogging world for meeting such fantastic people…Come and say hello there!

Today, I had another reminder of how different the Brits can be. I was nicely queuing at my local coffee shop when the lady right before me made a big fuss about her French baguette being too brown and, according to her, over baked. The placid and polite shop assistant swapped it for a white, flat one. For some unknown reason, she was a lot happier with the flat bread.  It dawned on me there and then: she didn’t know what a French baguette was. I should have tried to educate her but, frankly, I didn’t really feel up for it, especially before my morning’s coffee. Read the rest here

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London