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Have you heard the news? David Beckham will be playing for a football club in Paris. A British icon in France! Apparently, his family will remain in London, because he only has a contract for a few months.
I can’t wait to hear him speak French. That’s something to look forward to!
He has also decided to give all of his French salary to a charity, which I believe is great. However, he has been at the receiving end of a torrent of abuse because of his decision. French newspapers especially have had a field day: they say that he did this to pay less taxes.
I don’t get this logic. He could have kept his salary for himself. Instead he gave it to a deserving charity. What is the problem? Why are some journalists (especially French ones, actually) giving him such a hard time? Shouldn’t we all be happy that children in need will benefit from his action? Why are people trolling him?
In fact, I really wonder why we have all become so cynical. Yes, David Beckham doesn’t have any end of the month worries, but does this fact make him a bad person? Don’t you think that people are in fact, well, jealous?
Maybe it is in our genes. Maybe we like nothing more than a good old scandal. Maybe giving to a charity is a good deed that doesn’t interest the newspapers. They would have preferred him to have been unfaithful to his wife or to have done something against the law, it is probably better for their business. How pathetic.
And who would blame David Beckham because he prefers to give to a charity rather than to the taxman? Well, not me.

That said, I believe that David needs to go even further. To show his real involvement and proves that he means business, he should strip off. For a charity, of course. I promise that I will contribute if he does it. David, don’t disappoint me! I am sure that lots of women will join me. I am not talking about Armani sultry shots here. We want the full monty – all for a good cause, of course. Come on, David, it has been a difficult start of the year and I still have a stupid cold. I need some cheering up here!

On a similar note, please note that, on 4 February, ActionAid launched our Ready for Anything campaign, which will help the world’s poorest people everywhere from Afghanistan to Burma to prepare for the next big disaster, helping to save lives NOW. Throughout the campaign from 4 February to 3 May, every donation made by people in the UK will be doubled by the government, helping twice as many people. 

Finally, a big thank you for your support. Thanks to my readers, I sponsor a child in India. His name is Suresh.

Do you know what? If we all do something, maybe we will make this world a better place.

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London