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Sometimes you have to take a stand. What do I mean? Well, you know, you have to make a decision. Let’s be honest here: I hate it. I love to procrastinate. Come to think of it, it must be my British side. Because let’s face it: there is a growing epidemic in Britain: indecision.

Nobody knows what to do anymore, there is simply too much choice. For instance: do we leave Europe or do we stay in? Do we take the bus or the Tube? Do we make the first move if we like a guy/a girl? And what’s for dinner anyway?

But I digress. I finally received the drafts of the book cover designed by the lovely Vanessa Mendozzi and absolutely loved them. It was amazing to see that she understood what I meant and, frankly, it was love at first sight with the covers. I can’t describe how good it feels to see that your dream is finally taking shape. It’s a bit surreal.

So here are the choices:

DarkBlue Red cover ok

  After a lot of soul-searching on Facebook and Twitter (Because that’s how things are working nowadays, right?), it is the light blue cover that was chosen. So that’s it. It’s decided…Onwards and upwards, I say!

I must admit that I also had a soft spot for the red one. I keep thinking: what if I had chosen something else? But I suppose that’s what happens once you have made a decision.

Now that this is done, I have another decision to make. What can I say? It just never stops. You see, I am going out tonight, and I have found a dress I love (more abut this shortly). And right now, I am wondering which shoes I should wear…What do you think?