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As you may know, DSK has settled with the maid for his, let’s say, indiscretion in a top New York hotel. Until today, the amount of the settlement was not known. Well apparently, he had to pay M$ 1.5 for her to drop the civil charges. She will have to give 30% of this sum to her lawyers. Well, it certainly makes it one of the most expensive sexual acts of this world. Apparently, DSK might still have a future in French politics, which begs the question of what you need to do to get kicked out.
Arnaud Montebourg belongs to the same party than DSK and is one of the most vocal ministers in the French government. His style is very, very different. In order to promote what he calls “economic patriotism”, he didn’t hesitate and ordered a photo shoot where he was proudly wearing a French-made naval top, and various other French products could be seen in the background. The picture is on top of this post if you don’t believe me. Am I the only one to find the whole thing ridiculous? Honestly, what would you say if Tony Blair was pictured driving a Rolls Royce to incite people to buy British? Or Barack Obama stuffing his face with Kellogs Corn Flakes? Please, give me a break.
To me –and again this is a subjective judgement, the picture reminds me of an old Jean-Paul Gaultier perfume ad. Here it is. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jean-Paul Gaultier’s creations. But Jean-Paul Gaultier is nothing short of fashion icon, not an Industrial Recovery Minister (Arnaud Montebourg’s official job title).

French women have found him sexy. Really? Maybe it is a good thing that I have a British husband now. Maybe I just can’t stand stripes. Can I just say that Arnaud Montebourg doesn’t do it for me on this picture? Don’t you rather think that he is completely out of his depth and look a bit too, well, feminine? Honestly, what’s next? A photo shoot in his boxers to show us the French savoir faire in lace underwears? I hope that he will work out because I can see the start of a bulging tummy down there. How can he expect to be taken seriously during negotiations? If I had to talk to him, my opening question would be: why didn’t you wear your naval top today? How disappointing!
I know that I sound like an old bore but seriously, couldn’t French politicians just behave a bit better? How about hard work and more humility?

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