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My Daughter Is Having A Cookie

It is official : the Easter break has started. This basically means that I can’t do anything for the next three weeks or so, because my children are on holidays. I can either look after them, which will involve lots of trips to the park, kids movies and lunches at McDonalds, or pay someone else to do it. How do women work in this country again? I don’t get it. Unless you can ship your kids to their grandparents, I really don’t see how people manage.

Seriously, what am I supposed to do for three weeks? Three whole weeks!!!
Things got to a head this morning when I eventually realised that school was finishing at 11.30 am. Can someone tell me what the point of going to school is, if you are going to stay there two and a half hours? Why not cancel it altogether? Because as soon as you have dropped your children, you need to pick them up anyway.
I am desperately looking for athletic camps, swimming camps, or anything that would give me a couple of hours of freedom every day. Am I allowed to say that I hate holidays? Because everybody gets to do what they want. Except me.
Am I the only mum dreaming of a holiday on my own, without kids movies and sport camps? Just me, and me. Pure bliss. Well, it is not going to happen. When do things get better again?
I hate to say it, but right now I am feeling slightly jealous of my childless friends. Could we swap life for a while? I long for making last-minute decisions, weekends in New York at a moment’s notice and not feeling obliged to stock up on grocery and toilet paper all the time. I have it all, you see: I have to run my business and take care of the children, and the house as well. I wish there were more hours during the day to do everything. And why do the most boring things take the most time? I am knackered after a bit of tidying-up.
If I am completely honest, things were a little bit easier (and a lot cheaper) in France, as far as children were concerned at least. And as much as I like being a Mom, I am also well, me. Seriously, why doesn’t society acknowledge that mums sometimes need a break? Moms have to help everybody else all the time, but who is supposed to help them? I really wonder. How about you, how do you survive Easter?
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