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There is a French song I grew up listening to: it is called ‘Epaule Tatoo’ ( which means shoulder tattoo) and basically, it is about how a guy is mesmerised, in a club, by a woman with a blue tat on her shoulder. You can listen to it here:

I don’t know whether I am going into a full-swing midlife crisis or something but I badly want a tattoo on my shoulder too. Always have. Because of the song of course, but also because I have always dreamed of having one. It has to do with all my travels, and who I am. It is hard to explain.
But you see, where I come from, tattoos are looked down upon. Small French villages in Provence don’t do tattoos (even small ones, I must say). Not that I care that much about what people may think -well, actually I care a little bit. And I am concerned not to like a design after a few years. In short, I want one, but I am not quite ready yet.
That said, I am still in Dubai for a few hours, and I can do henna tattoos over here. So I took advantage of it… And here is the result:
What do you think? I hadn’t thought it through and had to walk in the resort with an unbuttoned shirt to let it dry which was, well, interesting. But hey, no pain, no gain as they say.
For some reason, this henna tattoo is making me incredibly happy. It is a reminder that I had a great time here, in Dubai. It is also a small thing that I have always wanted to do. And that’s what life is about, right? So what would you do? Would you get a permanent one?
On this note, next time I will write from London with some great news -watch this space…

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