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There is a French song I grew up listening to: it is called ‘Epaule Tatoo’ ( which means shoulder tattoo) and basically, it is about how a guy is mesmerised, in a club, by a woman with a blue tat on her shoulder. You can listen to it here:

I don’t know whether I am going into a full-swing midlife crisis or something but I badly want a tattoo on my shoulder too. Always have. Because of the song of course, but also because I have always dreamed of having one. It has to do with all my travels, and who I am. It is hard to explain.
But you see, where I come from, tattoos are looked down upon. Small French villages in Provence don’t do tattoos (even small ones, I must say). Not that I care that much about what people may think -well, actually I care a little bit. And I am concerned not to like a design after a few years. In short, I want one, but I am not quite ready yet.
That said, I am still in Dubai for a few hours, and I can do henna tattoos over here. So I took advantage of it… And here is the result:
What do you think? I hadn’t thought it through and had to walk in the resort with an unbuttoned shirt to let it dry which was, well, interesting. But hey, no pain, no gain as they say.
For some reason, this henna tattoo is making me incredibly happy. It is a reminder that I had a great time here, in Dubai. It is also a small thing that I have always wanted to do. And that’s what life is about, right? So what would you do? Would you get a permanent one?
On this note, next time I will write from London with some great news -watch this space…

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • It’s a pretty tattoo, Muriel. For a moment I thought you got a permanent one, and thinking how badly it must have hurt! I’m too scared and unwilling to go through the pain of getting a real tattoo. Henna yes. Plus the idea that it’s going to be there permanently, no going back, scares me.

    • I was just like you, Joy, but the idea of getting a permanent one is slowly getting to me. I must be going through some sort of midlife crisis…

  • Very pretty! I’ve never had any desire for a tattoo and they are extremely popular here in the States right now. I think I always feared that I would grow tired of it over time. The permanence of it scares me. But a henna one might be fun – I would try that! Glad you’re enjoying your vacation!

    • Agreed! I have gone a few times with friends and, for various reasons (cost, being told that the design was too intricate to do in a small space), never went through with it. Each time, I was convinced a different tattoo was the one I absolutely wanted to wear for the rest of my life … but I’ve always hoped that eventually I would end up getting one in the right time and place to really mean something …

    • Well, as much as I love henna, I think that I am ready for a permanent one. I must be going through some sort of midlife crisis…

  • Arrrgggghhhh!!…/10-reasons…

    • It is not something rational, David. After all, we can’t be reasonable all the time.

  • I’m not a tattoo person. I don’t think they improve with age, but that’s just my opinion. 🙂

    • I could have written this comment, Sarah…the thing is, I am warming up to the idea now!

  • I like tattoos but I’m too afraid of the pain! I think yours is very pretty 🙂 You got a taste of what having a tattoo would make you feel, and you say yourself, you’re loving it, so why not try for a permanent one? We only live once, right?

    • Exactly! And what’s not yo like about it? I think I am ready. I don’t know where it came from, but it want one!

  • If the tattoo means something to you, and is what you want to do, I say go for it. To me, tattoos are art, and a statement. I think the henna is a beautiful design by the way.

    PS…the pain is fleeting, get it done at a reputable place and care for it properly while healing if you get one. Nursing advice, free of charge. 🙂

    • Thank you, Cathy. The funny thing is that I would never have considered having one a few years back. But things change, right?

  • It’s a fun tattoo. I’m hearing about a lot of people, seniors actually, who are getting tattoos done. It was such a no-no before and now it’s become just another accessory.

    • I know…it is becoming a bit too fashionable. But that’s not why I want one!

  • In my religion- and practice- tattoos (permanent markers) are illegal. But, many intended(s) get tattoos as part of their engagement celebrations. Those henna markings are often unique, beautiful, and temporary. Hopefully, this evanescent shoulder addition satisfies your life-long desire.

    • Hopefully it will. I wouldn’t be so sure. I don’t know where this is coming from, but I want one!

  • I’m a big fan in following your heart more often than your head. At nearly 30, I have five, rather small tattoos spanning my last decade. They are all precious and hold individual significance. In the same way that looking at your henna reminds you of your great holiday, mine reminds me of my time loving abroad, of good friendships, my love for my other half etc.
    I hear people saying “you’ll regret it when you’re older” though funny enough, none of those who say it have any tattoos!!
    Good luck, go with your gut!

    • Thank you! That’s exactly what I was intending to do. After all, if it makes me happy, it can’t be that bad, right?

  • It’s not a problem for me because I have never much liked the look of tattoos, even though some including yours are very sweet! Henna seems like the ideal way to go.

    • You are so reasonable! What can I say, I must be going through some sort of midlife crisis!

  • Lou

    My friend had musical notes from her favorite song tattooed on her shoulder. It looks good, and it’s meaningful to her.
    I love your henna one!

    • Thank you. I love it too. After all, my body, my choice, right?