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Whether you are French or British, some things never change: everybody needs a break. I am no exception. So we left rainy London, wet and miserable, and headed to sunny Dubai. It is baking hot over here. There is a word in French to describe what I am doing here: farniente. I believe that it is the same in English, despite the fact that I think the Brits say Far Niente.

I went for a swim in the Persian Gulf this morning. I think that I will go every day. Then I will rest. Here, no-one comments on my French accent. Pure bliss. To be fair, the whole place seems to be full of Russians. The hotel is magical, with its Arabic-inspired architecture. I feel like a princess.

 And here I am, doing absolutely nothing, enjoying the sunshine and forgetting the business, the stress and the greyness. My only concern is that my daughters seem to be stuck to the swimming pool whereas if it was only me, I would stay on the beach. On the bright side, swimming in a pool remain the best way not to be attacked by a shark, right? Not that there had been any shark attacks that I know of, obviously.

 What is not to love about doing nothing? Well, apart from the fact that we are having far too many ice-creams, that is.

 There is also something about the food over here. I am a huge fan of hot and cold mezze and I am currently living on hummus and moutabal (that’s made with eggplants -we say aubergine in French). The food somehow goes well with the sun. I think that I must have lived in the Middle East in another life. There is simply a magic in the Middle East that I haven’t found anywhere else.

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • Sounds like it entered French from the Italian phrase “Dolce far niente!” meaning sweet nothing at all; A state of blissful idleness as traditionally enjoyed by the rich!

    • Well you are right. Farniente is thoroughly enjoyable. I will need to do more of it!

  • Your posts on Dubai (like the ones last time you went) are so enticing. I bet it’s expensive though so for now, let me live vicariously through you. Blog away Muriel! Oh and keep enjoying 🙂

    • I will Joy, I will…What’s not to love about Dubai?

  • How lovely to have escaped the rain. We are enjoying a balmy Indian summer here, it’s a very pleasant 22°C at the moment. My office window is open and I’m listening to the birds singing.

    I hope you enjoy your break, it sounds like you’ve made a good start, and the food sounds yummy.

    • It was nice to escape the rain. It is less nice to come back and face the Arctic cold. Well, such is life I suppose!

  • Wonderful! I love doing nothing, too!!!!

    • From time to time it is really important to take a break…I should do it more often!

  • It’s so amazing how you can blend right in with different countries! I wish I had that blend-ability. =) It’s like you have all these cultures hidden inside of you. =)

    • Thanks sam! I sometimes wonder if I was some sort of Gipsy in another life. I love nothing more than travelling and discovering new places and ways of life. I wonder why. That said, you are very good at it as well!

  • I want to go there one day. I cant wait to read more!

    • Well, I understand that Qantas flights will now stop in Dubai rather than Singapore…You might have to go to Dubai sooner than you think Janine!

  • Aaaand…breathe…sounds blissful 🙂