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In case you have missed it, Fathers Day is on 18th of June this year. Unlike Mothers Day, the date is the same in France and this side of the Channel. This means that you have no excuses, and you can’t say you got mixed up with the dates.

Fathers Day in France has only existed since 1949 (Mothers in France started to be celebrated around 1909), so it’s fair to say that Fathers Day is relatively new. Fathers Day is a lot less popular than Mothers day in France. Usually you just call your dad to wish him a happy Fathers Day. Things are a little bit different over here: you are supposed to send a card, and give a little present. Visit UncommonGoods to see more gifts for men.

I’ll come clean: I have always wondered what it feels like to be a father. You see, when you become a mother, you are supposed to have nine months (or so) to get ready. You know that you are going to have a baby, your body changes, and eventually you have to deliver the baby (oh joy!). In short, biological mothers have to go through a well-defined process and this, in my view, makes it easier for us women to connect with our babies. Of course attachment can come in many different ways, but what I am trying to say here is that our body is making space for a brand new human being, and at the exact same time we are discovering the existence of a strange new room in the house where we already live (let’s call the new room ‘becoming a mother’). The biological and emotional processes happen at the same time. In short, I felt like I had no choice but to become a mother.

But what about dads? How do you become a dad? When do you start being one? When do you connect with your baby? Does it happen when you get married? (Check out more gifts for grooms on this page:

Does it happen during the pregnancy? At the baby shower? (in which case you need to have a look at this page more some gift ideas: )

Or maybe Dads start to get attached when the baby is born? Or at the first smile? Or maybe at the first step? To me, it’s a big mystery, and I greatly admire all the dads out there who develop a strong emotional attachement with their offspring. I like the fact that it takes a conscious decision to actually become a dad.

Because, in France or in the UK, life is so much easier with dads: they are the family taxi driver; they are in charge of DIY duties; they wash the car. They clear countless spiders for you. They advise the family, reassure the children, set an example, and make it up as they go along.

In short, fatherhood is not a competition with motherhood. Maybe it’s up to dads to write their rules.

So, how exactly do you treat a dad that just about has and knows it all – yet deserves to be celebrated this June? How about a ‘Thank you’ for everything he’s done for you?

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