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It is half term for everybody but me. My daughters are on holidays and my husband wisely decided that he was needed in London for another important business meeting, which left me no choice but to take the week off and spend it with the girls. And I have come up with the brilliant idea to go and visit my family in the French Riviera. On my own of course.
This meant -shock horror-, that not only did I have to entertain the girls but I also had to catch up with my family. My 90-year old grandmother was poorly and is suffering from the onset of Alzheimer, and my grandfather is complaining all day long that growing old is difficult, and that it was not what he expected. I do sympathise, but I am not sure that complaining helps. That said, the guilt trip started and I was immediately wondering what more I could do. It must be part of the catching-up process. I was also overly optimistic when I thought I was done with nappies. I wasn’t.
The girls are fine and the younger one had to speak French, which did her some good. My older one has now started a blog ( it is so well-written that it is making me feel like a failure. I am wondering whether I belong to a sandwich generation, here to be squeezed between a busy hubby, bright demanding girls and an ageing family. Oh, and I almost forgot the full-time job.
When does is stop? When can I have a break? I am looking forward to going back to work on Monday. Sisters, any advice?
And despite the weather, I have to admit that I have never felt happier to be back home. In London.

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