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According to a study posted on The Daily Mail, 16.8 million tourists flocked to the English capital in 2013, one million more than any other year. And it begs us to question what all the fuss is about? Why does everyone want to travel to London so badly when it rains so much throughout the year? And more specifically, why are there so many French in London?

To be honest, there are way too many reasons as to why people spend their holidays in London, yet there are still a handful of people that need convincing. On the other hand, some like it so much over here that they make London their new home (like me!). Travellers may shy away from the capital which is home to overcrowded airports like Heathrow, but London Gatwick and the other less busy hubs in and around the capital are equipped to provide you with all the services you need to soak in all the city’s offerings, including parking and transportation services. In short, don’t listen to the killjoys who tell you that the British infrastructure isn’t on par with the French one. It’s not true. Oh, and I almost forgot: we even have water and electricity. I kid you not.

Here are five reasons why you should plan your next holiday in London:

London Skyline


The Theater
The world’s most amazing talent in performing arts at one point or another have graced the stages in the West End. The theater showcases a variety of theatrical performances, including critically acclaimed musicals and plays, both new and old.

Rivers and Canals
Experience the best that London has to offer by taking the river bus on River Thames or by riding the double deckers. Surround yourself in the beauty of the city, traveling through the serene canals of Little Venice and Regent’s Canal.

The Shopping
If shopping is your guilty pleasure, London will spoil you like no other city will. From the trinkets and gifts in the local markets, the iconic department stores like Selfridges and Harrods, to Oxford Street’s flagship stores, you’re in for a treat. You’ll also have Westfield Stratford City, Europe’s largest urban shopping center, within your reach.

The Free Attractions
Who says that you have to pay an entrance fee to soak in some culture? One the best things about London is its free attractions, such as the British Museum or Tate Modern. Some of the world’s best galleries and museums are found in London, and a number of them don’t cost a penny. In Paris, the queue for such museums would be a mile long (That;s it, I am British: a mile – 1.6 km)

The Gardens and Parks
Despite being an urban area, tourists and residents are never too far from greenery. The city boasts of eight exquisite Royal Parks. For impeccable views of the city, visit Hampstead Heath in North London. If, like me, you are a runner, Hampstead heath is very good for your weekly hill work (So

If this list wasn’t enough to persuade you to visit the English capital–although hopefully that’s not the case, Guide London has a a few additional reasons that may change your mind.

So what are you waiting for? When are you visiting?