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Sometimes we all need a little bit of magic in our life. I was about to take the Tube when I saw this on the street. It is a flying dolphin in the middle of the street. What is it doing here? Where is it going to? Well, I leave you to figure it out!

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London

    It’s happily stopping by at a birthday party…?

  • amyyoungmiller

    Awww. It’s obvious that it’s there just to spread a bit of whimsy, and to make you smile! Looks like it did its job!

  • SarahHague

    I’m impressed that no one’s nicked it!

  • Jenny Woolf

    Definitely on its way to a party, dressed like that! đŸ™‚

  • Now I know dolphins can live out of water and can fly. Thanks!

  • MuMuGB

    I too am still learning.

  • MuMuGB

    It must be a cool party. I never brought a flying dolphin at a party.

  • MuMuGB

    It stayed where it was, as if it belonged there.

  • MuMuGB

    It did! I don’t know why, but I just loved it!

  • MuMuGB

    It must be a cool birthday party…