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London is the sixth biggest French city, with 400 000 French citizen. It is bigger than Bordeaux or Nice. There are French everywhere, and the French community keeps growing. It even downed on me that, in fact, you might be able to live in London and speak very little English.

There are French schools, French libraries, French medical practices, French grocery shops, French estate agents…the list is simply endless. In fact, it is entirely possible to live in a French bubble in London. And it is getting easier by the day with all the businesses coming over.
French companies are everywhere, and more seem to be coming every day. You can live and work in French over here. The thing is, why would you do it? Living the French life in London would make me miss out on so much stuff. If I hadn’t had to learn to speak English (I learned mostly German at school), where would I be now ? Would I be as happy? Would I even have started this blog? Probably not.

I understand the need to stay in a French bubble if you are only going to stay for a a year or two. But at the same time don’t you think that the best way to make the most of your life abroad is actually to go local and embrace life the British way? What do French Londoners fear?
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