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In French a ‘boulette’ (lit. ‘Small ball’) is a blunder

I am trying to catch up with the French news. Imagine my surprise when I read that the ‘super tax’ for the rich (75% for those earning more than €1m) will be ditched in the new year after barely two years of tumultuous existence.
Me being me, I couldn’t help thinking that this controversial tax had lasted longer than Valerie Trierweiler’s stay at the Elysee. Mind you, not by a lot.

Let’s jump to conclusions: France is the country of short love affairs and badly-designed taxes.
In both cases, we need a bit of stability. The tax has clearly damaged France’s reputation for international senior managers -they don’t want to be based there any more, and the affair has made us an international laughing stock (how can the President manage the country when he can’t manage his girlfriend, and so on, and so forth…).
I am tempted to pretend I am Swiss. Or from Quebec. Because, you see, trust is a fragile thing: when it’s gone, well, it’s gone. And I don’t trust the French government any more.
Seriously, would you trust a guy who dumps his ex so unceremoniously and changes his mind every other year? Don’t you see a pattern here?
Now, I am waiting for the book ‘Thank you for kicking us out’, by all the French entrepreneurs who moved to London. Or is it ‘Thank you for this moment’? I am getting mixed up. 
I need to stop reading the news. After all, I am on holidays, right? What would you do? Am I overreacting?
Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • I’m not great at politics,but in my mind, socialists are a bit populists you know. We’ll take from the rich to give to the poor (but only for a couple of years), we’ll cut your taxes this year (and double them next year) and so on. They pass on laws that will please the people to get more votes, but never keep their promises in the long term. Having said that, I’m pretty sure the right wing is not better either and on the whole, French politics is a big mess anyway… Oh, and you should stop reading French news on your holidays!!

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